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10mm Dual Cavity Super Linear Dynamic Earphones
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The new flagship in a single dynamic field
Pioneered electronic frequency modulation technology
Bring the dynamic driver to a new height

Acoustics is not metaphysics

When the hardware is good enough, then the sound quality must be excellent
10mm dual cavity super linear dynamic earphones - Those brands that can write stories will sell this type of dynamic earphones for over one hundred dollars. We are lowering the price so that people with different incomes around the world can enjoy real Hi-Fi without financial burden.

Unlike the same type of unit used in those expensive earphones, we have made various innovations based on this dynamic unit.
KZ ZVX schema
Lightweight alloy cover
Protective metal mesh
2Pin socket
10mm Dual-cavity dynamic driver
Full-metal cavity
Tuning Filter
Memory foam ear tips with sound isolation

Pioneered electronic frequency modulation technology

More accurate, lower loss of sound quantity
Unlike the traditional damping structural tuning, feel the new hearing feast brought by new technology.
Usually, the density of damping not only determines the range of adjusting frequency but also affects the sensitivity, so the traditional damping structure tuning can not accurately control the target frequency. KZ's new electronic frequency modulation technology not only has more precise frequency control and adjustment capability but also has less sensitivity loss when adjusting the target frequency compared with the traditional damping structure tuning. This new technology can precisely control and adjust the output of the full frequency band and realize any mainstream style FR curve on a single driver. This adjustment method is completely different from the traditional EQ sound effect adjustment because it does not adjust the sound through software, so there is almost no sound quality loss and no need to use an external power supply.
KZ ZVX Frequency response
KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

An embodiment of advanced industrial technology

Approximately 4.8-micron diaphragm
We use a diaphragm about 4.8 microns thick on KZ ZVX. Compared with the traditional diaphragm, the mass is significantly reduced to improve the overall vibration sensitivity and make the sound without losing any fine details.
KZ ZVX 4.8 microns diaphragm

Breakthrough innovation

Four layers of the voice coil
The traditional dynamic unit mainly equipped a double-layer voice coil. The primary consideration is reserving ample space between the T-iron and the magnet. Avoid NG caused by dimensional tolerance caused by the assembly process. This time, we used a four layers voice coil design on the KZ ZVX  and reduced the magnetic gap from about 0.3mm to about 0.15mm. The low-frequency performance is more powerful than the traditional dynamic unit with a double-layer voice coil.
KZ ZVX voice coil

Not only exceptional in sound quality

But incredible appearance design in the same level products
KZ ZVX adopts a full-metal shell, completely following the process of luxury accessories. Each step is strictly controlled from die casting, CNC, grinding, polishing, electroplating, and laser to ensure a perfect overall appearance. The above makes KZ ZVX a reference design model for similar products.
KZ ZVX Full metal shell

Aesthetics of Integration of Geometry and Curve

Four layers of the voice coil
KZ ZVX uses geometric and modernistic curve aesthetic design and continues the classic ergonomic appearance of KZ products. Let it not only have an artistic appearance but also have an excellent wearing experience.
KZ ZVX in the ear

Cable detachable design

Widely compatible 2-PIN interface
You can switch different wire styles according to your listening preferences to enjoy music freely.
KZ ZVX 2-Pin interface

High-purity OFC cable

Good sound comes from good materials
KZ ZVX is equipped with high-purity oxygen-free copper flat cable, which has high signal transmission efficiency and ensures good sound quality.
High-purity OFC cable

Humanized line-controlled

Simpler one-button control
HD call microphone and one-button operation - it is easy to use.
Single-button smart control
Short press
Hang up
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

It has been used for 10 years
We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury, because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
KZ ZVX What in the box


Product model
Plug type
Pin type
0.75mm (C-Pin)
Cable length
Cable type
OFC flat cable
Wearing type
KZ ZVX Silver on a black backgroundKZ ZVX Black on a grey backgroundKZ ZVX Silver on a grey background
KZ ZVX Silver without MIC
KZ ZVX Silver without MIC
KZ ZVX Silver with MIC
KZ ZVX Silver with MIC
KZ ZVX Black without MIC
KZ ZVX Black without MIC
KZ ZVX Black with MIC
KZ ZVX Black with MIC
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