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Planar Technology
13.2mm Planar Driver In-Ear Monitor with Electronic Filter
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Breaking Through Acoustic Technological Barriers Once Again! Redefining Your Expectations for The Sound Quality of Planar IEMs!
  • 13.2mm Planar Diaphragm
  • Nano-level Silver-plated Membrane
  • Luxurious Metallic Housing
  • Impressive Frequency Response
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High-Purity Silver-Plated OFC Cable

The Acoustic Advantages of Planar Driver Subverting Traditional Dynamic&Balanced Armature Driver

Due to its inherent advantages in planar diaphragm driver structure, it outperforms traditional dynamic drivers, especially in high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency performance. Specifically, dynamic drivers rely on the vibration of a thin wire transmitted to the diaphragm to produce sound, which can limit its low-frequency performance. In contrast, planar drivers lack a fixed voice coil and physical connections to the driver, allowing it to reproduce deep low frequencies and offer larger excursion effortlessly.
KZ PR3 schema
  • Metal screws
  • Alloy die-casting shell
  • 0.75 gold-plated pin
  • Metal protective mesh
  • Resin support structure
  • Independent tuning cavity
  • PCB board
  • Resin support structure
  1. N52H magnet array
  2. PCB diaphragm frame
  3. Nanoscale diaphragm
  4. N52H magnet array
  5. Metal protective mesh
  6. Front cavity
  7. Metal filter
  8. Memory foam ear tips with sound insulation

KZ PR3 vs KZ PR2

KZ PR3 utilizes electronic filter tuning, while KZ PR2 employs physical damping tuning.
KZ PR3 has a lower impedance than KZ PR2, making driving easier.
KZ PR3 boasts higher sensitivity than KZ PR2, resulting in an overall more three-dimensional sound.
Regarding tuning, KZ PR3 significantly improves over KZ PR2 in the ultra-high-frequency range, offering a more expansive soundstage and superior resolution.
KZ PR3 on a black background

Self-Developed Planar Diaphragm Driver Upgraded Once Again - Sensitivity Further Increased

The increased sensitivity also brings about improved sound quality. The impactful bass, full-bodied mids, or crisp highs all come to life with outstanding detail and dynamics. This allows you to feel the passion and power of the music, providing an immersive and lifelike experience.
KZ PR3 Planar driver schema
  • Nano-level silver-plated diaphragm
  • High-hardness transparent structural bracket
  1. High-hardness transparent structural bracket
  2. 7+7 symmetrical magnetic circuit system

Exceptionally Powerful Ultra-High-Frequency Performance Taking Sound Quality To The Next Level

KZ PR3 boasts exceptionally strong high-frequency performance, delivering deep and clear low-frequency performance without any blurriness or distortion. It excels in reproducing the lower frequency components of music. The mid-frequency performance is also well-balanced, providing clear vocals and instrument sounds while maintaining detail and layering.
KZ PR3 Frequency response
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Sensitivity/Acoustic Performance Leading Among Similar Products

KZ PR3 boasts significant advantages in sensitivity and acoustic performance compared to its counterparts. High sensitivity means it can capture and present every detail of the music, providing a more authentic and rich musical experience. The frequency response curve reflects an earphone's responsiveness to different frequencies. KZ PR3 proves its outstanding performance, demonstrating a significant advantage over similar products in the market.
Other planar earphones frequency response curve BlueOther planar earphones frequency response curve YellowOther planar earphones frequency response curve PinkOther planar earphones frequency response curve Green

Reasons Why Similar Products from Competitors Are Pricier - Only an IQ Tax

Through comparisons in terms of price, performance, cable accessories, and more, we refrain from excessive advertising and product boasting. We pass on the price difference earned by intermediaries to consumers, making our products more cost-effective than those from competitors.
Sh*oer S1*
7H* Tim*less
7H* x Crin*cle Dio*o
Mo**drop Stell*ris
Diaphragm technology
Silver-plated circuit
Etching circuit
Etching circuit
Etching circuit
Etching circuit
Diaphragm size
13.2mm custom mold
14.8mm universal mold
14.2mm universal mold
14.6mm universal mold
14.5mm universal mold

Exceptionally Wide Soundstage Performance Delivering An Unparalleled Listening Experience

KZ PR3 excels in soundstage performance, conveying the width and depth of music, immersing you in a grand soundstage, and delivering stunning audio effects. Whether you're listening to classical music, rock, or electronic tunes, it places you in an unmatched auditory feast.
KZ PR3 on a vinyl

Remarkable Low-Frequency Performance

Due to its unique structure, planar drivers can achieve advantages that are sometimes hard to reach for dynamic drivers. KZ PR3 delivers a magnificent and detailed low-frequency performance, providing an unparalleled auditory experience.
KZ PR3 Acoustic cave

Nano-Level Silver-Plated Diaphragm - Lower Impedance, Easier to Drive

KZ PR3 employs a high-precision silver-plating manufacturing process, enhancing the diaphragm's electrical conductivity, resulting in higher and more stable audio signal transmission efficiency. Its extremely low impedance allows KZ PR3 to be effortlessly driven by ordinary playback devices.
KZ PR3 Planar diaphragm

A Genuine Planar Driver Requires No Disguise

KZ PR3 features our in-house developed 13.2mm planar diaphragm driver, setting itself apart from pseudo-flat earphones on the market. We welcome the scrutiny and questioning of any audiophiles, as we fear no disassembly or doubt.
KZ PR3 next to smartphone

True Planar Driver, Not an Imitation

In the market, many so-called "planar driver" headphones are often mere imitations of existing products. These imitations usually compromise on sound performance and fail to capture the true charm of music. The KZ PR3 employs a genuine planar driver, ensuring that every listening experience is characterized by authenticity and finesse.
KZ PR3 Planar Driver
KZ PR3 Planar Driver schema
Market "Imitation" Planar Driver
Imitation Planar Driver schema

The Light Luxury Metal Housing Design Showcases Exquisite Industrial Craftsmanship

KZ PR3 utilizes advanced processing equipment and manufacturing techniques, ensuring precise dimensions and an elegant appearance of the housing. Made from lightweight alloy material, it possesses corrosion and wear resistance and exhibits a unique mirror-like effect.
KZ PR3 Close view

Classic Ergonomic Design for Stable and Comfortable Wearing

KZ PR3 is lightweight and ergonomically designed, ensuring comfort even during extended periods of wear. With memory foam ear tips, the KZ PR3 offers excellent noise isolation, effectively blocking out external noise and fully immersing yourself in your music.
KZ PR3 in the ear

Stable and Reliable Detachable Cable Design - High-purity Silver-plated OFC cable included

The high-purity silver-plated wire cores significantly enhance the cable's conductivity and durability. Additionally, the parallel design between the main lines effectively reduces signal loss and noise interference, ensuring the integrity of audio signal transmission.
High-purity Silver-plated OFC cable

Multi-function Single-button Wire Control - One-button Operation is Easier

Microphone with delicate and clear pickup, bringing the same call experience as face-to-face conversation.
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song
Multi-function Single-button Wire Control
Short press
Hang up

Product Information

Product model
Plug type
Pin Type
Cable Type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length
Wearing type
KZ PR3 connected to player

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
KZ PR3 What's in the box
KZ PR3 No Mic
KZ PR3 without mic
KZ PR3 With Mic
KZ PR3 with mic
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