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Bluetooth 5.2 Ear hooks
Upgrade wired earphones to wireless earphones
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Qualcomm Chip Bluetooth Modules
Lossless transmission
aptX Codec
3 Performance Modes
Bluetooth 5.2
54 Hours Battery Life
KZ AZ15 Qualcomm Chip Bluetooth Modules
KZ AZ15 Qualcomm Chip Bluetooth Modules
Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 chip
Standard Music, Game, Full Power
Large capacity & Long battery life
aptX / AAC / SBC HD transmission
Ergonomic design for comfortable wear
Dual host support for separate use
Bluetooth version 5.2

Qualcomm chip QCC3046 connection is stable, accurate, and fast

The new generation of Qualcomm QCC3046 chip, with a smaller package size than QCC3040, has the advantages of high-speed transmission, low power consumption, and stable signal.
Qualcomm chip QCC3046
General Bluetooth 5.0
Battery life: about 2h
Bluetooth range: about 8m
Game mode: about 80ms
New Generation Bluetooth 5.2
Battery life: about 6h
Bluetooth range: about 15m
Game mode: about 40ms
Speed boost
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth 5.2
More stable transmission

A variety of HD transmission

Faster connection, more stable transmission, and better sound quality
KZ AZ15 has a new upgrade Qualcomm chip, supporting aptX, AAC, and SBC mode transmission, enhancing the transmission rate and connection speed. The new chip brings a better listening experience.
KZ AZ15 next to smartphone
Original three-mode design

Standard Music / Game / Full power

Three-mode sound quality and sound effects are more impressive
3 Click the right KZ AZ15 earbud to switch between Game/Standard Music modes, playing games more smoothly and listening to music with better sound quality.
Game Mode
It provides synchronized audio and video in game mode, low latency as low as 40ms, smooth gaming experience.
Standard Music Mode
The sound field is more transparent in standard music mode. The high-frequency range extends and stabilizes the low-frequency effect. You can listen to every detail.
Full Power Mode
Turn on the full power mode, the earphones are entirely output, the connection is more stable without disconnection, and the bass effect is better.
KZ AZ15 left and right ear hooks
Detachable Design

Turn Wired Earbuds To Wireless In Second

The standard 2Pin gold-plated pin design can be adapted to most earphones with interfaces on the market, and wired earphones into wireless earphones in seconds, enjoying the fun of wireless upgrades.
Turn wired earbuds to wireless with KZ AZ15
Lightweight and comfortable

Lightweight and comfortable to wear

The Bluetooth ear hook is designed according to ergonomics and fits closely to the auricle, making it stable and not easy to fall off.
KZ AZ15 in the ear
Stronger battery life

Low-power consumption chip with high-performance battery

KZ AZ15 Bluetooth ear hooks last for about 6 hours on a full charge and can be recharged in the charging case about 9 times.
Single life time
Total battery life
Charging case
battery capacity
KZ AZ15 ear hooks with charging box
Noise reduction function

HD microphone with clear calls

CVC technology calls noise reduction. You can hear clearly even in noisy environments. CVC noise reduction technology retains more sound details and makes voice calls clearer as if talking face to face.
Man wears ear hooks KZ AZ15
Dual hosts are very convenient

You can use left and right ear hooks separately, and switching is easy

KZ AZ15 can be paired and used separately, regardless of the ordinary and auxiliary earphones. The 3 transmission modes are more stable in connection and lower in delay.
KZ AZ15 with pairing screen
Convenient operation

One key for simple and easy operation

Abandon the cumbersome multi-button, a key to achieving a variety of functions as you wish, to provide you with a faster operating experience.
Click once
Last/Next Song
Start Siri
Long press for 2s
Click once
Long press
Change mode
Click x3 on left
KZ AZ15 with charging case on a dark background
Note: Some functions vary by device

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

It has been used for 10 years
We believe that products should not be packaged in luxury packaging because the actual characteristics of the products do not depend on the expense of the packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
Packaging list
KZ AZ15, charging case, Type-C charging cable, manual.
KZ AZ15 what in the box

Product Parameters

KZ AZ15 size chart
*Note: The above data is a manual measurement. There may be a difference of about 0.5 cm, which is normal.
Model Name
Bluetooth chip
Qualcomm QCC3046
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth encoding
Effective range
about 15M
Battery power capacity
50mAh (per earpiece)
Charging case power capacity
Charging port
KZ AZ15 with charging case on a white background
Contact information
Service Hours:9:00-21:00
Service Hotline
B2B cooperation
2nd Floor, Building A, Longchang MicroPort Park, No.26 Hantang Street, Gutou Community, Dongcheng, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
KZ AZ15 Ear hooks in the case hand-drawn imageKZ AZ15 Ear hook hand-drawn image