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KZ EDX Ultra
Dynamic Drivers
Professional Hi-Fi dynamic earphone
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KZ EDX Ultra

Professional Hi-Fi dynamic earphone
10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit
Re-evolution based on KZ EDX Pro
Resin & metal inlay process
Replaceable cable design
KZ EDX UltraKZ EDX Ultra

The newly upgraded dual magnetic dynamic unit

The magnetic flux of the unit carried by the KZ EDX Ultra has improved again based on the original, making the energy of the mid-low frequency more saturated and having a better performance for the bass.
Upgraded dual magnetic dynamic unit
Stereo sound
HD resolution
Powerful Bass

High-end inlay process

The imported resin cavity is matched with a bright metal ornament. The inlay technology is used to make the cavity closely fit with the metal cover, showing the excellent texture of KZ EDX Ultra.
KZ EDX Ultra cover removed

Teana Tuning shows strength in technology

Data proves the quality. Every detail determines the perfect sound.
KZ EDX Ultra Frequency response curve

Improved 2PIN plug-in structure

After analyzing various interchangeable cable interfaces in the industry, we improved the plug-in structure. KZ EDX Ultra can be equipped with a KZ Bluetooth module to convert to Bluetooth earphones and upgraded with the KZ upgrade cables to improve its sound quality.

* Bluetooth module and upgrade cable needs to be purchased separately.
KZ EDX Ultra next to smartphone

Ergonomically design

We collected extensive data to optimize KZ EDX Ultra's curvature, front cavity shell, catheter inclination angle, etc., bringing a comfortable wearing experience.
KZ EDX Ultra in a man's ear

High-purity silver-plated cable

The cable of KZ EDX Ultra is made of a high-purity silver-plated wire base. It reduced the loss in the process of electrical signal transmission, effectively improved the sound transparency, and made the sound clear and the human voice and musical instruments more pleasant.
High-purity silver-plated cable

Skin-friendly and soft silicone ear tips

Three pairs of silicone ear tips with L, M, and S sizes are included, which fit the ear canal and have good airtightness, effectively reducing external noise and letting you enjoy every music moment.

*M size is on the earbuds.
Skin-friendly and soft silicone ear tips


Product model
KZ EDX Ultra
Earphone type
Dynamic earphones
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KZ EDX Ultra without cable
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