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Dynamic Drivers Earphones
Professional Hi-Fi 3in1 earphones set
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Professional Hi-Fi IEM will satisfy all your different tuning tastes in one
Strong Bass / Smooth mids / Clear high-frequency
KZ EDA 3 in 1 earphones setKZ EDA 3 in 1 earphones set

All 3 tuning in 1 set, value for money

Different tuning brings you different enjoyment than ever. Why not have a try something new experience?
A professional KZ technical team designed a set of KZ EDA dynamic earphones with various combo settings. Pay the price for one earphone, but get three sets of different tuning to satisfy all your Hi-Fi music demands. Extraordinary Bass performance, upgrade details for Mids & Treble.
KZ EDA 3 pair set in the box

Rigorous tuning brings you the extraordinary experience

Three tuning with their different outstanding feature
KZ EDA earphones set has a professional acoustic tuning with an accurate frequency crossover to achieve excellent sounds performance. Ensure the excellent driver with good tuning performance.
Black / Bass Version
Transparent / Balanced Version
Cyan / Hi-Res Version
KZ EDA Frequency range curve

High-end Dynamic Driver re-optimized for the acoustics details

We optimized the core components of KZ EDA for each frequency band to achieve its excellent performance in different frequency bands.
KZ EDA structure
KZ EDA visualization 0.15mm magnetic gap
0.15mm magnetic gap brings stronger output performance and lowers distortion rate.
KZ EDA visualization 0.035mm diameter loop
A customized 0.035mm diameter loop makes the driver vibration frequency more stable and efficient.
KZ EDA visualization single temperature-controlled forming diaphragm
A single temperature-controlled forming diaphragm with a thickness of 4.8 microns reduces the vibration attenuation of the driver and improves the transient performance of KZ EDA.

Textured metal frame

Extraordinary craftsmanship feels better than ever
The middle frame of KZ EDA is made of high-rigidity metal material, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and not easy to deform.
KZ EDA Textured metal frame

Comfortable to wear

Small and comfortable cavity design without pressure on your ear
Ergonomic design brings about 26dB passive noise cancellation. Shell is made from imported resin, reliable and durable.
KZ EDA in the ear

2PIN gold-plated plug interface

Free replacement of upgrade cables
Users can replace the original cable with a Bluetooth cable to upgrade to wireless earphones or upgrade the original cable to change the sound quality.
KZ EDA 2PIN gold-plated plug interface

High-purity silver-plated cable

Restore high-fidelity sound
The silver plating process makes the conductor have higher signal transmission efficiency. It brings better clarity to KZ EDA.
50,000 - 80,000 swing test times
(while other normal cables only reach 10,000-20,000 times)


Black color
Bass Version
Transparent color
Balanced Version
Cyan color
Hi-Res Version
KZ EDA what in the boxKZ EDA vertical open boxKZ EDA three colorKZ EDA Black colorKZ EDA Transparent colorKZ EDA Cyan color
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KZ EDA earphones 3in1 set hand-drawn imageKZ EDA earphones hand-drawn image