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Balanced Armature
16 units balanced armature earphones
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Reference-level high-order Hi-Fi, 16 units balanced armature earphones bring you near-real auditory experience on the spot.
KZ AS16 Balanced Armature EarphonesKZ AS16 Balanced Armature Earphones

Before KZ AS16 appearance, a similar configuration with a sound quality close to this product often costs about $1500

KZ AS16 was born. Mission significance is very important. Cost performance is not a gimmick, but a kind of value embodiment of product cognitive level.
Original sound
BA *4
BA *2
BA *2
guide sound
frequency division
Physical noise
wire control
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It Took 15 Months To Complete The 16 Units Balanced Armature Acoustic Technology

It's a Breakthrough Professional Sound Quality Thus Laid!
The KZ AS16 has a sensitivity of 1 kHz is 7-8 dB higher than that of traditional dynamic earphones, and the high-frequency sensitivity is more than 200% higher than that of conventional earphones. The distortion rate is less than one-third of the conventional entry-level earphones.
KZ AS16 Balanced Armature Earphones
1. PCB frequencydivision board
2. 29689 Mid-Frequency balanced armature * 2
3. 22955 Bass balanced armature * 2
4. 31736 High-Frequencybalanced armature * 4

Professional Industrial Design
Three-channel Acoustic Duct Structure

We optimized the three-frequency performance to make a sound more transparent and balanced.
Three-channel transmission of sound and airflow channels using integrated internal acoustic design.
Low-frequency sound tube
Mid-frequency sound tube
High-frequency sound tube
KZ AS16 Three-channel Acoustic Duct Structure

The Uncompromising Pursuit Of Sound Quality Motivates Us To break Through Conventional Acoustic Design Constantly

The new 31736 customized version of the dual array high frequency balanced armature Scheme
High precision assembly makes the unit lighter, The one-piece "armature + drive rod" structure is more stable, and the distortion rate is lower.
KZ AS16 31736 high frequency balanced armature

29689 custom version mid-frequency balanced armature

The 2K high-frequency peak moves rearward 500Hz, which brings strong voice reduction ability. Men's voice details and women's voice penetration are better than the conventional Mid-frequency balanced armature.
KZ AS16 29689 Mid-frequency balanced armature

22955 custom version bass-frequency balanced armature

The sensitivity is 3dB higher than the conventional 22955. The frequency response from 7Hz to 600Hz is more outstanding, and the low-frequency strength and elasticity are more mellow.
KZ AS16 22955 Bass-frequency balanced armature

Professional Excellent Electronic Frequency Division Tuning Technology

Bring an all-round powerful sound deoxidization effect
Under the PCB electronic frequency divider action, the connection between high-mid and low tones is smooth, and the distortion is less. No matter what music you listen to, every detail will be carefully restored.
KZ AS16 Powerful sound deoxidization effect
KZ Acoustics Laboratory measured the above data, and actual use may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

Light Luxury

High-level Process Details Of The Ear
Shell Of Zinc Alloy Combined With Resin Material
Zinc alloy cover
Imported Resin Cavity
Aluminum alloy speaker
KZ AS16 Zinc alloy cover
KZ AS16 Aluminum alloy speaker

Ergonomic Cavity Design

Correct wearing can effectively isolate noise around 26dB
The custom-made cavity fits the auricle intimately for a comfortable fit and does not feel pain for long-term use. Physical noise reduction, reduce external noise interference and enjoy purer music.
KZ AS16 Ergonomic Cavity Design

Pluggable Wire Design

Bluetooth Module Assembly - Switch to Bluetooth
earphones quickly
Under the PCB electronic frequency divider action, the connection between high-mid and low tones is smooth, and the distortion is less. No matter what music you listen to, every detail will be carefully restored.
KZ AS16 Pluggable Wire Design
* Upgrade cable must be purchased separately.

Dual Capacitor HD Call Microphone

Support standard (American standard) mobile phone HD call
KZ AS16 Dual Capacitor HD Call Microphone
Short Press
Press Again
Keep Press
Press Once
Press Two Times
Next Song
Even Press Three Times
Previous Song

Every Detail Is A Highlight

KZ AS16 Soft and comfortable
Elastomer Rubber with High Elasticity and Anti-Sound Leakage
Soft and comfortable, it fits snugly into the ear canal and provides a stable wearing feel. Highly elastic rubber effectively reduces sound leakage and makes the sound more directly transmitted to the eardrum.
Professional OFC Oxygen-free Copper cable scheme
Provide superior sound quality signal transmission, anti-interference, anti-pull, anti-corrosion, and other characteristics.
KZ AS16 Professional OFC Oxygen-free Copper cable


Product Name:
Black, Blue
Line Length:
Pin Type:
0.75mm gold plated
Plug Type:
3.5mm gold plated
Cable Material:
OFC Oxygen-free Copper
Drive Unit:
High-frequency balanced armature *4
Mid-frequency balanced armature *2
Bass-Frequency balanced armature *2
KZ AS16 Balanced Armature Earphones
*Due to factors such as measurement environment and temperature, it is normal if there are slight tolerances on product parameters.
Standard Version
No Mic
KZ AS16 No Mic
Microphone Version
With Mic
KZ AS16 With Mic

Wire Plugging Schematic

KZ Earphones Wire Pluggin Schematic
Correctly distinguish Right And Left headphones and wires, as shown.
There are left and right logos on the wire, "L" is on the left, and "R" is on the right. The front of the headset is placed with the silicone sleeve facing left to the left and the silicone sleeve facing to the right, which is the right side.
KZ Earphones Wire Pluggin Schematic
The correct assembly of the wire is with the needle head and "L R" logo facing up. Do not assemble the pinhead down, and it will harm sound quality.
KZ Earphones Wire Pluggin Schematic
Point the wire to the plug and push it in until it fits perfectly.
KZ Earphones Wire Pluggin Schematic
Since the wire is a design that does not easily come off, please be careful when inserting or pulling.

Schematic Diagram Of Headset Wearing

KZ Headset Wearing
Correctly distinguish right and left headphones, "L" for left, "R" for right.
KZ Headset Wearing
Straight headphones inserted into the ear, correct wear, comfortable wear, excellent sound insulation performance.
KZ Headset Wearing
Fix the headset wire behind the ear.
KZ Headset Wearing
Press and hold the headset panel to adjust the seal.
KZ Headset Wearing
Adjust earphone wire and fix earphones.
KZ Headset Wearing
Plug the headset plugs into the play-back device and use it to adjust the volume before the headset is plugged into the device.
KZ AS16 Blue No MicKZ AS16 Blue With MicKZ AS16 Black No MicKZ AS16 Black With MicKZ AS16 Balanced Armature EarphonesKZ AS16 Balanced Armature EarphonesKZ AS16 Balanced Armature EarphonesKZ AS16 Balanced Armature Earphones
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