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Balanced Armature
24 units balanced armature tunable earphones
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Standard Version x Tunable Version
12 Balanced Armature Drivers
High-End Tunable In-Ear Monitor
Listen to the whole world

Acoustic arts

New experience
31736 BA x4
29689 BA x2
22955 BA x1
30019 BA x1
Two versions available
Main & Auxiliary tuners
Integrated rear chamber
3D printing technology
Silver-plated OFC cable

12 BA drivers per side

Breakthrough the audio hardware ceiling
The KZ AS24 earphones feature an enhanced electronic frequency division. Improved electronic frequency division has further optimized the continuity and smoothness of triple frequency. Combined with a brand-new reed structure design, it shows you a full-bodied and authentically natural sound quality.
KZ AS24 12BA design
29689 BA x2
31736 BA x4
30019 BA x1
22955 BA x1

Targeted development of second-generation balanced armature

New reed structure design
Comparison of differences in reed structure
The traditional "U" shaped reed is designed for hearing aids, and its bending process may lead to poor stability and consistency.

This time, we specifically designed a "Trident" reed for HiFI earphones, which is more accurately centered between the magnets. This design can enhance sound density, reduce distortion, and achieve better transient performance.
Comparison of differences in sound
Compared to all previous balanced armatures, the newly designed 22955 BAcan deliver more powerful and resilient bass.

The new generation 29689 BA can deliver spacious, elegant, natural sound with superior treble extension.
KZ AS24 BA's scheme

A precise structure, like an artwork

Top-of-the-line hardware with top-of-the-line technology
KZ AS24 schema
Lightweight metal front cover
Sparkling diamond-cut bracket
2 Pin connector
Frequency division board
12 Customized BAs
3D-printed chamber
Metal acoustic filter
Memory foam ear tip

Standard Version & Tunable Version

Two versions are available for more choice
KZ AS24 Standard Version
Standard Version
The Standard version of the KZ AS24 earphones delivers a smooth and balanced audio performance, offering a harmonious blend of triple frequency ranges for a well-rounded sound quality.
KZ AS24 Tunable Version
Tunable Version
The Tunable version of the KZ AS24 earphones provides a customizable auditory experience, allowing personalized sound adjustments according to your preferences.

Dual Tuner & 8 Level Switсhes

Customized tuning for more flexibility
KZ AS 24 has one tuner on the top and one on the side of the chamber, each with four level switches. Flipping the switches allows you to freely adjust and control your earphone's low, medium, high, and ultra-high frequencies.
KZ AS24 Dual tuner

Combination of innovative acoustic design and expert tuning

With the addition of tunable technology, a variety of sound styles can be realized on a single earphone.
KZ AS24 Frequency response
Basic level
Main tuner
Level 1 On
Full band up 2dB
Main tuner
Level 2/3/4 On
Bass up 1db
Auxiliary tuner
Level 1/2 On
Mid-high up 1dB
Auxiliary tuner
Level 3/4 On
Ultrahigh up 2dB
All levels On
*KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

DLP 3D-Printed High-Precision Integrated Acoustic Filtering Nozzle

Unlike general 3D printing, the new generation DLP 3D printing technology can realize high-precision printing of complicated earphone cavity internal structures with higher printing efficiency, uniform illumination, and curing strength.
KZ AS24 Cave structure

Classic ergonomic design

Comfortable enjoying music
KZ AS24 earphone's cavity model was designed and finalized based on the big data of many users' auricles and ear canals, providing listeners with a comfortable wearing experience. It is made of lightweight and skin-friendly resin material, which is still comfortable to wear for a long time.
KZ AS24 In the ear

Improved cable-removable design

Unlike the regular 2-pin plug, we add a limited slot around the pin to protect it from breaking and prolong its insertion and removal times and service life.
KZ AS24 2-pin plug

High-purity silver-plated flat cable

The oxygen-free copper core with silver plating on the surface can enhance the transmission efficiency of audio signals, achieving high-fidelity transmission and bringing better resolution.

The soft and high light transmittance cable coating brings an amazing visual experience and reduces the stethoscope effect.
High-purity silver-plated flat cable

High quality and excellent details

Every detail is strictly controlled to ensure the excellent quality of each product.
3.5mm gold-plated connector
3.5mm gold-plated connector
Optimal signal transmission for superior, undistorted audio output.
Smart line-control
Smart line-control
It offers a streamlined, one-button operation for easy and convenient usage.
3 pairs of silicone ear tips
3 pairs of silicone ear tips
The KZ AS24 includes 3 silicone ear tip sizes for optimal fit and comfort.
0.75mm gold-plated socket
0.75mm gold-plated socket
Compatible with most 2-pin earphone cables on the market for easy replacement.

Product Information

Product model
Standard Version 112±3dB
Tuning Version 109±5dB
Standard Version 20Ω
Tuning Version 20Ω~50Ω
Plug type
Pin type
Cable type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
KZ AS24 What's in the box
KZ AS24 No Mic
Standard Version
KZ AS24 No Mic Standard Version
KZ AS24 No Mic
Tuning Version
KZ AS24 No Mic Tuning Version
KZ AS24 with Mic
Standard Version
KZ AS24 With Mic Standard Version
KZ AS24 with Mic
Tuning Version
KZ AS24 With Mic Tuning Version
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