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KZ x Crinacle CRN
Hybrid Technology
Magnetostatic & Dynamic & BA Hybrid earphone
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KZ x Crinacle CRN

(KZ ZEX Pro)
A Taste of the Top
Magnetostatic & dynamic & balanced armature hybrid earphones
KZ Crinacle CRN gold and black earphonesKZ Crinacle CRN gold and black earphones
Low Voltage Electrostatic Unit
Double Magnetic Dynamic Unit
Balanced Armature
Zinc alloy cover
Translucent resin cavity
Fitting cochlear design

High-Performance Hybrid Configuration

KZ ZEX Pro is the first electrostatic & dynamic & balanced armature hybrid earphone of KZ. Three kinds of high-performance units, the sound unit is integrated, and the superior structure is supplemented by precise tuning, which instantly blooms the sound of nature.
KZ ZEX Pro schema
30095 High frequency balanced armature unit
10mm Dual magnetic dynamic unit
6.8mm Electret electrostatic unit

Breaking the Mould

Who said good sound must be expensive?
A well-balanced sound signature ensures that everything sounds the way it should. What was once a high-end exclusive can now be found in KZ Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro).
KZ Crinacle CRN frequency response curve
*The above data is measured by In-Ear Fidelity. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Electret Low-Voltage Electrostatic Unit

KZ ZEX Pro uses the 6.8mm electret unit. The electrostatic field formed by the change of the two electrode plates, the extremely thin diaphragm produces sound under the uniform drive of electrostatic force. Compared with other sounding units of the same specification, the low-voltage electrostatic unit has superior performance and more stable quality consistency.
Electret Low-Voltage Electrostatic Unit

Start with Texture, Finalize with Aesthetics

The aviation-grade zinc alloy radius curving surface cover is matched with the imported skin-friendly resin cavity. KZ ZEX Pro creates luxury craft aesthetics. Delicate metal texture and stylish, streamlined beauty coexist.
KZ ZEX Pro gold and black big picture

2PIN Upgrade Connector

The 2PIN interface can be freely matched with the upgrade cable, and it can be upgraded to Bluetooth Earphones with the KZ Bluetooth cable. Its 2PIN plug-in structure design is carefully designed and improved by analyzing the industry's advantages and disadvantages of various interchangeable cable interface methods.
KZ ZEX Pro Connector schema
Increase cable protection design
0.75mm gold-plated pin
Effectively protect the pins from breaking

Customized Wearing Experience

KZ ZEX Pro is an excellent combination of industrial design and ergonomics, collecting thousands of ear data models, accurately matching the ear structure of mainstream people, ensuring that the earphones provide a comfortable, safe fit, and effective noise isolation.
KZ ZEX Pro in ear

Upgraded Professional Silver-plated Double Flat Cable

Enhanced resolution, low-frequency flexibility, wide sound field, and strong atmosphere - plug in earphones to give full play to the transmission performance of the silver-plated cable. The high-fidelity sound bottom is purer, and the sound quality is improved immediately.
Upgraded Professional Silver-plated Double Flat Cable
The number of stress tests exceeds
50000 times

HD Condenser Microphone

Compatible with standard mobile phone HD calls.
HD Condenser Microphone
Short press
Answer the call
Press again
Hang up the call
Long press
Reject the call
Short press
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song

Product Parameters

Product Model
KZ x Crinacle CRN (KZ ZEX Pro)
Earphone Type
Plug Type
Pin Type
Cable Length
Cable Type
Silver-plated double flat cable
KZ ZEX Pro Black and Gold without cable
KZ ZEX Pro Gold without MIC
no MIC
KZ ZEX Pro Gold with MIC
with MIC
KZ ZEX Pro Black without MIC
no MIC
KZ ZEX Pro Black with MIC
with MIC
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KZ ZEX Pro hand-drawn imageKZ wire control hand-drawn image