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KZ ZS10 Pro 2
Hybrid Technology
10mm DD + Dual 31736 BA Hybrid Tunable Earphones
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KZ ZS10 Pro 2

Crafted for Seasoned Audiophiles
The Second-Generation 10-Driver Professional DD&BA Hybrid IEM
  • 10mm Internal Magnetic Dynamic Driver
  • Dual 31736 Balanced Armature Drivers (x2)
  • Precise 3-Way Crossover Technology
  • 4-Level Custom Tuning Switch
  • Exceptional Acoustic FR Curve
  • Classic Design Aesthetics
KZ ZS10 Pro 2KZ ZS10 Pro 2

Hardware Configuration Beyond Hi-Fi Standards

Tailored for the most discerning music lovers, the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 features a blend of a 10mm super-linear internal magnetic dynamic driver and dual 31736 balanced armature drivers. This combination sets a new benchmark in audio quality, surpassing even the loftiest Hi-Fi standards, catering to the needs of professional musicians, audiophiles, and those with the most exacting sound quality demands.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Schema
Lightweight metal cover
Dust filter
10mm Internal magnetic dynamic driver
Tuning switch
31736 Dual array balanced armature drivers
0.75mm Gold-plated socket
Skin-friendly resin cavity
Acoustic filter mesh
Foam ear tips

Low, Medium, High, Ultra-High Frequency

All Have Different Drivers Responsible for Accuracy
The dynamic driver handles the mid-to-low frequency range, delivering ample low-frequency response and natural mid-frequency transitions to enhance the music's dynamics and atmosphere. On the other hand, the balanced armature drivers excel in the high-frequency range. Its compact structure and rapid response allow for precise reproduction of high-frequency details, resulting in a clear and transparent sound texture.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 DD and BA
10mm Internal magnetic dynamic driver
31736 Dual array balanced armature drivers

If You Are Looking for a Music Companion, the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Can Meet All Your Needs

KZ ZS10 Pro 2 reproduces every melody with precision, vividly presenting them, whether it's the vibrant clarity of high frequencies or the rich depth of low frequencies. It can take you on a journey through the ocean of music, immersing you in lossless, pristine sound quality and offering an unparalleled auditory feast.
Two KZ ZS10 Pro 2 without cable

Industry-leading Balanced Armature Driver

Our exclusively customized 31736 balanced armature drivers are responsible for high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency output, accurately capturing and reproducing every subtle variation of each note. Whether it's rich details or a wide dynamic range, they can accurately present them.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 31736 Balanced armature drivers

Highly Integrated Internal Soldered High-Performance Dynamic Driver

KZ's original internal magnetic design creates a stable magnetic field environment within the driver unit, greatly enhancing the purity and stability of the sound. This allows for the precise capture of every subtle variation in music.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 High-performance dynamic driver

Newly Designed Crossover Circuit for Enhanced Sound Control

Precise Integration of Dynamic Driver and Balanced Armature Driver
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 utilizes a brand-new electronic crossover circuit, precisely calculating the impact of each frequency on the sound quality of different frequency bands. This ensures seamless integration between the low, mid, high, and ultra-high frequencies, achieving an overall three-frequency balance, delicate auditory sensation, and rich detail in the listening experience.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Electronic crossover circuit

Acoustic Curve Beyond Conventional Earphones

KZ's innovative electronic crossover technology breaks tradition, enabling precise control over the interaction between balanced armature and dynamic drivers. This allows each driver to excel in its designated frequency range, showcasing music details with unparalleled clarity.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Graph
The basic graph
Turn on Switch 1
Low frequency up to 1 level
Turn on Switch 1+2
Low frequency up to 2 level
Turn on Switch 1+2+3
Low frequency up to 3 level
Turn on Switch 4
High frequency reduced by 1 level
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Built-in Professional Filters

4-Level Custom Tuning Switch
To meet the diverse demands for sound quality, we've specially designed a 4-level custom switch. It effortlessly caters to your preferences, whether it's clear vocals, deep bass, or rich chords. Whether an audiophile or a professional creator, you can find your unique sound signature through this intricate audio control.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 4-Level custom tuning switch
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Tuning switch positions
Tuning Switch
Turn on Switch 1
Low frequency up to 1 level
Turn on Switches 1+2
Low frequency up to 2 level
Turn on Switches 1+2+3
Low frequency up to 3 level
Turn on Switch 4
High frequency reduced by 1 level
Turn off all switches
The basic graph
Note: The above is only an introduction to the switches' functions. You can set different switch combinations according to your personal preferences.

Expansive Soundstage, Wide Dynamic Range

KZ ZS10 Pro 2, with its hybrid balanced armature and dynamic driver technology, exhibits a powerful soundstage and wide dynamic range. Whether it's the delicate emotional nuances in music or the exhilarating climax, every detail is captured and faithfully reproduced without compromise.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 DD and BA drivers

Continuing the Classic Design Legacy

Setting New Standards in Appearance
Inheriting tradition while embracing innovation, we've infused our product with a fresh visual impact while retaining its familiar and profound essence. This rejuvenation brings unparalleled charm and radiance, setting new aesthetic standards. It's not just about pushing the boundaries of appearance; it's also a steadfast testament to exceptional quality and unique personality.
One KZ ZS10 Pro 2 without cable

Sturdy and Durable Replaceable Cable Design

KZ ZS10 Pro 2's design allows you to easily replace and upgrade cables, catering to your various earphone usage scenarios and significantly extending the lifespan of your earphones.
One KZ ZS10 Pro 2 with cable

Multi-functional In-line Control

The multi-functional in-line control simplifies operation with one-touch functionality for play/pause, skip track, and more. It also features a built-in microphone for clear audio pickup, enabling crisp and clear near-field voice commands and phone calls as if talking face-to-face.
Short press
Hang up
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song
Multi-functional in-line control

Product Information

Product model
KZ ZS10 Pro 2
Plug type
Pin type
Cable type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length
Wearing type
Note: The above data are measured by KZ laboratory and may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of KZ's beliefs since its founding.
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 What's in the box
KZ ZS10 Pro 2
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 without Mic
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 with Mic
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 with Mic
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