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Hybrid Technology Bluetooth Headset
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Professional Hybrid Technology Bluetooth Headset
10 Years Of Intensive Research On Acoustic Technology
Dazzling Luster
KZ S2 Professional Hybrid Technology Bluetooth HeadsetKZ S2 Professional Hybrid Technology Bluetooth Headset

Core Technology

Hybrid technology
HD resolution audio coding technology
No sense delay game status upgrade
Ergonomics passive noise reduction technology
Pressure sensing take out and connect back technology
Body temperature sensing touch operation technology

New Upgrade

Skin Feel Experience Tailored And Comfortable Wearing
Repeated optimization based on ergonomic calculation brings a comfortable and stable wearing experience. The resin body is mixed with a metal sound mouth. The gloss texture of KZ S2 is attractive at first sight.
KZ S2 New Upgrade
Beat the sound quality performance of single dynamic headphones
The sound generating unit is the basic strength of sound. The powerful sound generating unit configuration provides sufficient space for improving the performance of sound quality.
KZ S2 Hybrid Technology
7mm double magnetic dynamic
30095 balanced armature unit
Double magnetic flux bursts out incredible kinetic energy efficiency, and presenting rich low-frequency detail restoration
KZ S2 Double magnetic flux
The balanced armature provides fine details. Keep the high-frequency details that are full and beautiful
KZ S2 Balanced armature
AAC high-definition Resolution Audio Coding Technology Enhances Sound quality Performance From The Sense Of Gearing
It is widely used in various styles and can be used in different music types and styles. Under the same bandwidth, the transmission performance is better than the traditional SBC mode, and the sound quality is better.

High-Performance Mode

There is no sense of delay in the gaming experience
In the game state, click three times touch key to switches KZ S2 to high-performance mode. It greatly reduces the delay. The efficiency of game audio and enjoys nearly no delay of sound and picture synchronization.
KZ S2 Bluetooth 5.0

Passive Noise-Cancelling

Effective Isolation Of External Noise
The exquisite ergonomically designed external cavity fits smoothly and tightly against the auricle and solves the problem of external noise interference from the root cause.
KZ S2 in ear

Pick Up And Connect

Single Ear Can Also Be Used
After the initial connection, picking up the KZ S2 headset will automatically turn on and connect the device. With a touch, you can achieve music, call, and other functions.
KZ S2 white
Play / Pause
Touch lightly.
Start Siri
Long press for 2 seconds.
Touch lightly.
Refuse the call
Long press for calling.
Previous / next song
Double click the left/ right earphone.

Strict Test

Our Standard is ±1dB
KZ S2 guarantees superior sound quality from the source core. Industry curve tolerance standard ± 3dB, our standard is ± 1 dB. Abandon efficiency, and choose quality.
Graph of third-generation KZ double magnetic dynamic devices.
KZ S2 graph
*The above data is provided by KZ Acoustics Laboratory.
Product Specifications
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Bluetooth Range:
Headset battery capacity:
Charging compartment capacity:
Headset operation time:
Standby time of charging compartment:
KZ S2 Black and white headphones with harging compartments
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Service Hours:9:00-21:00
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2nd Floor, Building A, Longchang MicroPort Park, No.26 Hantang Street, Gutou Community, Dongcheng, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
KZ S2 hand-drawn imageKZ S2 hand-drawn image