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Hybrid Technology
12mm DD + 30095 BA
Hybrid Earphones
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New Independently Developed
12mm Dual-magnetic & Cavity Dynamic Unit
30095 Customized High-performance Balanced Armature
0.15mm ultra-fine magnetic gap
DD&BA Hybrid Technology
12mm Dual-magnetic & Cavity Dynamic Unit
KZ Customized 30095 Unit
Metal Inlay Process
Expertly Tuning
Silver-plated OFC Cable
2Pin Gold-plated Connector
Ergonomic design
Hi-Fi Sound Quality

Dynamic Driver+ Balanced Armature

Precise frequency division to achieve complementary acoustic advantages
By complementing the advantage of the middle and low-frequency of the dynamic unit with the advantage of the high-frequency of the balanced armature unit, KZ ZNA can output professional sound in the full frequency band.
KZ ZNA schema
Lightweight metal cover
30095 BA unit
12mm dynamic unit
Metal mesh
PC cavity
A double-layer silicone ear tip

Exclusive customized 30095 high-frequency balanced armature driver

It has incredibly high-frequency performance and transient response and brings high-resolution sound to KZ ZNA.
KZ Exclusive customized 30095 high-frequency balanced armature driver

Dual-magnetic circuit dual-cavity 12mm dynamic unit

The sensitivity of about 115dB at 1kHz alone has surpassed all the so-called professional dynamic units in the Hi-Fi circle. When the size of the diaphragm increases compared with that of the previous generation, the effective vibration area of the diaphragm also increases, which can calmly interpret various large dynamic rhythms and bring you to experience a wider sound field.

The magnetic gap of about 0.15mm enables the dynamic unit to capture and transform some weak current signals clearly, greatly improving the ultra-high frequency detail performance of the earphone.

Double magnets are not just two magnets, but two magnets, one positive and one negative oppose each other at a fixed size and angle to generate a superposed magnetic field. However, it is a nightmare for some factories without professional dynamic unit production equipment.

In 2016, KZ gradually applied a 10mm dual-magnetic dynamic unit to many new products, while most of the same type units of other brand products in the market are just drawing cats, according to tigers.

The significance of designing a dual-cavity structure on the dynamic unit is to change the acoustic curve by adjusting the volume of the two resonators. The front cavity is generally responsible for controlling the frequency band after the ultra-high frequency 8kHz, and the rear cavity can accurately control the position of the resonant peak of 2-3kHz.
KZ Dual-magnetic circuit dual-cavity 12mm dynamic unit

Classic Hi-Fi style shape design

KZ ZNA adopts high-density alloy melting and casting process cover. After multiple complex processing procedures, it is embedded with resin lines and matched with a semi-permeable resin back chamber, giving full play to its Hifi attributes from the inside out.
KZ ZNA design

12mm Super Dynamic Unit

It brings a wider sound field and compensates for BA's treble timbre in a specific frequency band to make the sound fuller. The wide sound field brought by the large-area diaphragm makes listening more immersive.
KZ ZNA frequency response
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Comfortable wearing experience

Ergonomic design that is stable and not easy to drop. It is the companion of music and the new fashion around your ears.
KZ ZNA in the ear

Equipped with high-grade cable

2Pin gold-plated plug structure
KZ ZNA is equipped with silver-plated OFC cable, which makes the sound delicate, complete, and mellow, with full resolution and high fidelity.
KZ ZNA plug structure

Will the sound quality be better if we only upgrade the dynamic unit with a new diaphragm?

The recognized weakness of the dynamic unit is that the high-frequency performance is unsatisfactory, especially in the ultra-high frequency band. The data of most dynamic earphones are good, but the actual listening sense seems that there is no high frequency.

The balanced armature unit is recognized as having excellent high-frequency performance because there is no thick voice coil line under its diaphragm. In contrast, a thick voice coil line has dragged under the diaphragm of the dynamic unit.

Theoretically, the efficient conversion of a balanced armature unit is better than that of the dynamic unit because it does not have too much load when vibrating. The dynamic unit has more load when vibrating, so the load problem will directly affect the vibration efficiency of the diaphragm, and the distortion rate will increase.

Then, does anyone think that changing the diaphragm material of a dynamic unit can make it reborn? Finally, we considered combining dynamic units and balanced armature to complement each other's advantages to achieve a professional sound effect.
KZ ZNA on the podium

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

It has been used for 10 years
We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
KZ ZNA What in the box

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Silver-plated OFC cable
KZ ZNA without MIC
KZ ZNA without MIC
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