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KZ E10
Bluetooth Earphones
10 Units Hybrid Technology
TWS Bluetooth Earphone
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KZ E10

True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Qualcomm chip
Apt-X lossless transmission
God class sound quality
Metal and resin fusion of luxury technology
KZ E10 True Wireless Bluetooth EarphoneKZ E10 True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Obsidian Black
Storm Gray
Glacier White

Hybrid technology configuration brings innovation to sound quality

1 Dynamic + 4 Balanced Armature, Destined KZ E10 Positioning Non-entry Level Plaything
KZ E10, one side 10mm double magnetic dynamic + two 30095 high frequency balanced armature + two high-end configurations of 50060 medium frequency balanced armature. Compared with single dynamic or single balanced armature products on the market, it has a magnitude improvement in sound quality.
KZ E10 carries different specifications of voice units in bass-frequency, mid-frequency, high-frequency, ultra-high frequency, fine frequency division processing, and then shows professional-level sound quality.
KZ E10 Schema
Six-layer immersion gold PCB component main control board
30095 High-frequency
50060 Mig-frequency
10mm double magnetic dynamic
3020 Qualcomm chip

We never compromise on sound quality

Sound Unit Size Far Exceeding That Of Competing Products Of The Same Kind
The larger the dynamic unit size, the easier it is to reflect better sound quality.
Compared with the 6mm dynamic unit used in wireless Bluetooth on the market, the KZ E10 is equipped with a "10mm double magnetic dynamic" with a larger diaphragm and a larger volume of magnet energy. The powerful output wide range can effectively compatible the high, medium and low tri-band. Compared with small-sized dynamic unit, it has overwhelming advantages in sensitivity, dynamic response, sound field and analytical force.
High frequency bright
Medium frequency clear
Low frequency thick
KZ E10 10mm double magnetic dynamic
10mm double magnetic dynamic
Medium frequency sticky
Low frequency small
High frequency over tip
KZ E10 Compare with 6mm dynamic
Conventional 6mm dynamic

Light Luxury Process Combining Metal And Resin

High-order TWS earphones are extremely difficult to produce, and the process of integrating different materials into the earphone cavity is even more difficult. Therefore, the Bluetooth earphone cavity with metal splicing is rare on the market. KZ E10 is like a delicate work of art. Whether it is worn in the ear or in the hand, the light from every angle shines brightly.
KZ E10 Materials
Electroplated zinc alloy
Alumina alloy
Electroplated zinc alloy
Soft plastic silicone
Skin-friendly resin
Alumina alloy

Apt-X Lossless Audio Transmission Technology Brings Qualitative Improvement To Sound Signal Transmission

In the field of wireless audio transmission, the SBC protocol is the basic standard for transmission. The Apt-X lossless technology has better transmission performance, higher transmission rate, and has a key improvement effect on the transmission of sound signals. The Apt-X connection is more stable, with lower latency and faster and longer transmission.
KZ E10 Apt-X Lossless Technology

Built-in Dual Microphone, CVC+DSP Dual Microphone Intelligent Noise Reduction

CVC + DSP dual microphone intelligent noise reduction function, can achieve active noise reduction in the call. When talking in a noisy environment, one of the microphones collects and filters the noise in the environment to keep the call as clear as possible.

Innovative Ergonomic Earhook Design For Convenience In All Types Of Use

Soft and skin-friendly silicone ear hanger can effectively improve the easy drop problem of conventional Bluetooth headset wear. It is widely applicable to various scenarios, providing stable and comfortable wear in running, boxing, vigorous sports and other scenarios.
KZ E10 Ear hook
The ear hook hides behind the ear

User-friendly Operation Experience

After completing the first connection, each time you just need to open the charging compartment cover, the headset will automatically connect back to the phone and pick it up. Simple fingerprint touch operation makes it easy to achieve multi-function with one touch.
KZ E10 In the charging box
One click
Previous/next song
Double click on the right/left ear
Start Siri (voice assistant)
Long press for two seconds
One click
Reject the call
Long press on incoming call

Product specifications

Product name: KZ E10
Bluetooth version: V5.0
Bluetooth chip: QCC3020
Earphone battery capacity: 30mA
Earphone running time: ~3-5h
Earphone charging time: <2.5h
Charging case capacity: 1100mA
Charging case time: ~100h
Charging case charging time: <4h
KZ E10 Three colors

Common problem

If you encounter any problems during use, please consult online customer service as soon as possible, we will serve you to your satisfaction.
Why is the left and right headset switching unsuccessful?
When the headset is connected to the mobile phone for the first time, the pairing prompt box that pops up must be clicked, otherwise the left and right ears cannot be switched freely.
When using both ears, only one ear has sound?
The reason is that the pairing between the two earphones is not successful. It is recommended to clear the Bluetooth pairing information and reconnect.
Earphone disconnect?
The earphone disconnects when it exceeds the device's effective range. Return to Bluetooth range within 3 minutes will automatically reconnect.
Pairing with a computer is not successful?
Please confirm if the computer has Bluetooth function, if there is no Bluetooth adapter that can be equipped with a USB interface.
KZ E10 Gray in the charging caseKZ E10 Gray near the charging caseKZ E10 Gray two earphones near the charging caseKZ E10 Black near the closed charging caseKZ E10 Black near the charging caseKZ E10 Black in the charging caseKZ E10 Gray in the male earKZ E10 Black in the male earKZ E10 Gray in the ear right viewKZ E10 Gray in the ear left view
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KZ E10 True Wireless Bluetooth EarphoneKZ E10 Hybrid Technology TWS Bluetooth Earphone