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KZ Krila
Hybrid Technology
1DD+1BA Hybrid Earphones
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KZ Krila

Hybrid Technology Tunable In-Ear Earphones
KZ Krila's curve graphs data can outperform 99% of earphones
Hybrid Technology
4-level self-adjusting switch
10mm second-generation XUN dynamic driver
3D Printed Cavity
Flat silver-plated cables
Noise-isolating memory foam ear tips
KZ KrilaKZ Krila

New 30095 Balanced Armature Driver Redesigned for Hi-Fi Standards

We have redeveloped the new 30095 balanced armature driver to make it more suitable for Hi-Fi standards
The 30095 drivers were initially designed for hearing aids, not Hi-Fi earphones. It was challenging to achieve sound quality that meets Hi-Fi standards regarding frequency response and overall performance.

Therefore, we started a project last year to redesign this balanced armature driver, optimizing its structure and shifting the high-frequency resonance peak to enhance sensitivity in the 10kHz range, making it more suitable for Hi-Fi earphones.
30095 Balanced Armature Driver

Upgraded Second-Gen XUN-10mm Dynamic Coil Enhances Low Frequency

The second generation XUN-10mm dynamic coil optimizes and upgrades the low frequency again
Speaking frankly, many of the dual magnetic dynamic coils utilized in the earphone industry today have been replicated from our original XUN products. The first generation of XUN dynamic coils, developed by us in 2016, has been broadly applied across our product range. Our current offering is equipped with the second-generation XUN-10mm moving coil unit. We've re-engineered the structure, fine-tuned the magnetic circuit design, enhanced the voice coil wire specifications, and further amplified the low-frequency performance of the moving coil. This all contributes to an even more impressive sound quality experience.
XUN 10mm Dynamic Coil Driver

Professional-Grade Filters Seamlessly Integrated

Enabling Full-Range, Low-Frequency, and High-Frequency 4-Stage Custom Tuning
The ability to adjust sound frequency is a standard feature of today's professional-grade earphones, empowering users to personalize their auditory experience.
KZ Krila 4-level switch and frequency response
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.
Initial Curve Graphs
Setting 1
Increase low frequencies by 1dB
Setting 1/2
Increase low frequencies by 2dB
Setting 1/2/3
Increase low frequencies by 3dB
Setting 1/2/3/4
Decrease high/ultra-high frequencies by 1.5dB

Bravely compare the curve graphs with other brand hybrid technology products

KZ Krila Frequency response graph
KZ Krila 1DD+1BA
Au*io *echnica IEX1 1DD+1BA
*KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Superior performance crushes any single dynamic driver earphone

KZ Krila utilizes a hybrid acoustic system purposefully designed to address the high-frequency limitations of traditional dynamic units by integrating balanced armature units, all to deliver an exceptional acoustic listening experience.

Despite a market filled with high-priced, single-dynamic earphones offering decent sound quality, KZ Krila sets itself apart with its near-professional hybrid configuration. As an upgrade from the single dynamic setup, the performance parameters and sound quality of KZ Krila surpass those of any single dynamic earphone available today.
KZ Krila scheme

KZ Krila comes with an HD silver-plated cable

Silver-plated wires have long been exclusive to professional-grade earphones. We have outfitted KZ Krila with standard silver-plated wires to keep with this tradition. These enhance the overall sound quality of the earphones, and due to their low resistance, they offer superior electrical signal transmission compared to conventional oxygen-free copper earphone cables. The only drawback of silver-plated wires is their price, typically 3-4 times that of conventional oxygen-free copper earphone wires.
HD silver-plated cable

Thermoplastic slow-rebound memory foam ear tips

KZ Krila employs high-end memory foam ear tips designed to optimize the physical structure and enhance audio quality significantly. The slow-rebound material improves wearing comfort and provides excellent noise reduction and sound insulation effects.
Memory foam ear tips
Good insulation effect
Improve high-frequency
Comfortable wearing

Impressive Ergonomic Design

KZ Krila offers an unparalleled wearing experience, ensuring prolonged comfort without fatigue. With their secure fit, these earphones are designed not to fall out. Their ergonomic design promotes a natural fit, minimizing discomfort even during extended use, making them a perfect choice for everyday wear.
KZ Krila in the ear

Simplistic yet Stylish

Conceived by our chief design master, KZ Krila's aesthetic is simple and chic
The earphone cover, crafted from mirror metal material, undergoes numerous rounds of polishing through complex processes. It is paired with high-end inlay technology and a skin-friendly resin cavity design. It has a luxurious and refined appearance.
KZ Krila cover

KZ's Affordable Strategy for High-End Sound Quality

How does KZ achieve the goal of crushing high-priced products dozens of times at low prices?
KZ successfully outperforms high-priced products often by sticking to a principle: expensive doesn't equate to superior sound quality. Following this concept, KZ selects 101 top-selling competitor products, each priced over a hundred dollars, as a reference for fine-tuning.

From a curve perspective, this product's curves outshine even those of some industry flagship products. Superior curve parameters translate into excellent sound quality and auditory experience - data that cannot lie. Compared to dozens of various brand products priced around $100, or even some flagship products costing over $1000, the acoustic curve parameters of KZ Krila consistently come out on top.
KZ Krila side view on the dark background

Design and Development Philosophy of KZ Krila

The earphone industry is diverse, with each brand touting its products professionally, often exaggerating dispensable material technologies in their presentations. As insiders, we understand this reality but usually cannot fully disclose these dynamics to consumers due to overall marketing strategies. Our aspiration with KZ Krila is to challenge the notion of high-end as synonymous with a high price and configuration, propagated by some brands. Adhering to an engineer's product-oriented thinking, we prefer to let our efforts and results speak for themselves through the product, leaving the final judgment to our customers.
KZ Krila close view

Minimalist, Practical, and Eco-Friendly Packaging Design

Our products don't require the embellishment of luxurious packaging. Our products' true capabilities and performance cannot be represented by packaging alone. While we strongly advocate for environmental protection, we don't use it as a premise to generate high profits - a fundamental principle KZ has adhered to since its inception.
KZ Krila what's in the box

Product Information

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KZ Krila
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