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KZ BT 4.2 Cable
Bluetooth 4.2 Upgrade Cable
Turns your earphones into a Bluetooth 4.2 headset
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KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable

Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth Chip
AptX Patent Technology
Qualcomm CSR8645 is a powerful Bluetooth chip. Excellent connection stability, support AptX lossless audio transmission technology, supports AAC-LC advanced audio coding technology, supports EDR Bluetooth enhanced rate. Support CVC 4 noise reduction technology, etc. It is the representative of Bluetooth wireless connection technology on the market.

APTX technology carries out a digital audio compression algorithm and lossless transmission. Reproduce professional-grade pure wireless sound quality.
AptX Technology

Professional mems microphone
Excellent Noise Cancellation

Before Noise Reduction
After Noise Reduction
Noise reduction graph

Excellent Bluetooth Connection Performance
Using Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip

Qualcomm CSR8645 is renowned for its excellent connection stability, low power connection technology, and high-quality audio transmission.
It is the representative of Bluetooth wireless connection technology on the market, with 3 seconds of fast connection, excellent connection speed, and more robust signal anti-interference ability.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable powered by Qualcomm CSR8645

Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR Bluetooth Enhanced Rate

Bluetooth 4.2 with EDR significantly improved the data transmission rate. It's three times as better as common Bluetooth, and let Bluetooth transmit faster, transmit more steadily, higher efficiency, and consume less power.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable EDR chip

ACC-LC Advanced Coding Technology
Compatible with Apple's lossless transmission mode

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) encoding format is better than MP3, better sound quality, smaller files, faster transmission.

Industrial Grade Ceramic Antenna
The sensitivity of Bluetooth reception is better

With an industrial-grade ceramic antenna, the transmission is more stable, and gain is higher. The antenna's size was decreased, but sensitivity has increased, and the noise level of the receiving circuit has decreased by 1/3. Bluetooth transmission is now more reliable.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable Ceramic antenna

130mAh Battery Capacity
Long endurance 8 hours

Built-in 130mAh safety lithium battery brings over 8 hours of wireless listening after full power, 100 hours long standby. Bid farewell to frequent charging.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable Long endurance 8 hours
130 mAh
100 Hours
Long Standby
2 Hours
Fast Charge
*All the above data are measured by KZ acoustic laboratory.
The actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.

IPX5 Waterproof Function
Waterproof, anti-sweat, experience the freedom of Bluetooth

Running, playing, and cycling, it fits your ears every moment, and the waterproof, sweat-proof features allow you to play freely and freely.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable Waterproof Grade Certificate
(Waterproof Grade Certificate)

Balanced wear
Lightweight without falling ear
Long-wear does not fall off

Wire control and battery symmetry design bring a balanced wear experience. The ear hook uses a metal memory wire, which can be adjusted according to your ear.
A man uses a KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable
A Paragraph Pin
Suitable for KZ ZS3, KZ ZS4, KZ ZS5, KZ ZS6, KZ ZSA, and many other headphones.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable is compatible with A Paragraph Pin
B Paragraph Pin
Suitable for KZ ZST, KZ ZS10, KZ ES4, KZ ZSR, KZ ES3, and many other headphones.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable is compatible with B Paragraph Pin
C Paragraph Pin
Suitable for KZ ZSN and many other headphones.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable is compatible with C Paragraph Pin
Headphones adapted to MMCX plugs.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable is compatible with MMCX Pin
To protect the device's life and your safety, please use the charger with the maximum output current below 1.5A, which supports fast charging is not advised.

Wire Control Operation
Some oldest phone may not be supported

Press the ► key in the shutdown state. Blue LED lights flashing, while the boot prompts.
Keep press ► key to enter the pairing mode. Red and blue LED lights flash alternately, while voice prompts.
Music play/pause
Keep press ► key to enter the pairing mode. Red and blue LED lights flash alternately, while voice prompts.
Volume increases
Press the + key. When the volume is maximum, there is a voice prompt.
Volume reduction
Press the — key until mute.
Previous track
Keep press — to play the previous track.
Next track
Keep press + to play the next track.
At standby or operating mode, press ► key for 3 seconds. Red LED lights flash once with voice prompts.
Press ► to answer the call.
Keep press ► refused to answer the call.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable remote

Bluetooth module upgrade
Wire Assembly diagram

Take KZ ZST as an example.
Correctly distinguish Right And Left headphones and wires, as shown in a picture.There are left and right logos on the wire, "L" is on the left, and "R" is right. The front of the headset is placed with the silicone sleeve facing left to the left and the silicone sleeve facing to the right, which is the right side.
The correct assembly of the wire is with the needle head and "L R" logo facing up. Do not assemble the pinhead down, and it will harm sound quality.
Point the wire to the plug and push it in until it fits perfectly.
Since the wire is a design that does not easily come off, please be careful when inserting or pulling.
After the assembly is completed, you can enjoy an unfettered music experience.

Bluetooth module upgrade
Wire Operation diagram

KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable Pairing mode
Press and hold ► until the blue LED flashes. The Bluetooth module is turned on. At this time, the button is not released, and the red and blue LED lights continue to flash alternately to enter the pairing mode.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable Search mode
Turn on the phone Bluetooth and search for [KZ earphone] to pair.
KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable Charging port
The red LED flashes and sounds when the battery is low. Insert the charging cable into the charging port, the red LED light will be on during charging, and the blue LED light will be on after the charging is completed.
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KZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable hand-drawn imageKZ Bluetooth 4.2 Cable hand-drawn image