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Hybrid Technology
Second-Generation Hybrid Technology Earphones
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Second-generation hybrid earphoneS
Improve sound detail performance!

Metal and resin combined, texture, and details to enhance again!
KZ ZSN Second-generation hybrid earphonesKZ ZSN Second-generation hybrid earphones
Silver Purple

Precision metal processing technology creates strong and durable works of art

Aviation aluminum alloy combined with imported resin. With a bright sense of fashion color.
KZ ZSN Aviation aluminum alloy body

Second-generation hybrid technology show more sound details

It has a shocking low frequency of the dynamic unit and has a powerful high-frequency analysis of the balanced armature unit, which is more abundant and delicate.
KZ ZSN Second-generation hybrid technology
10mm self-developed dynamic
#30095 Customized Balanced Armature

The balanced armature will compensate the sound that the dynamic can't show then the professional-grade sound quality is presented

The treble balanced armature unit has the high-frequency performance ability that the dynamic unit can never reach.
KZ ZSN Schema
Diaphragm: Hinge with vibrating diaphragm support to ensure consistency of the frequency response curve.
Shell: Upper and lower closure structure, ensure that the unit is free from environmental and temperature interference.
Conduction rod: Arc discharge welding, guaranteed excellent high-frequency effect.
Energy exchange coil: The corrosion resistance of military-grade ensures the long life of the earphone.
Electric driver: After 46 times bending and shaping, it is light and firm, so that the high frequency extends over 40kHz.
Sound outlet: Provides better sound directivity.

Self-developed titanium film dynamic unit significantly improving high-frequency ductility performance

KZ ZSN brings a stronger driving force with a four-layer voice coil, the low frequency is powerful, the sound field width is extended, and the overall hearing is more appealing.
KZ ZSN Dynamic unit

Professional electronic frequency division adjustment technology

Precision internal acoustic structure design and exceptional circuit optimization have achieved the fine division of labor between the two vocal units.
KZ ZSN Internal structure

Listen to the details of the sound of high resolution

Intuitive display of curves, stunning acoustic tuning makes the dynamic and balanced armature units complementary advantages, achieve a stable, clean, detailed, rich sound quality effect.
KZ ZSN Graph
KZ Acoustics Laboratory measured the above data, and actual use may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

Improved type 0.75mm Gold plating
2 pin plug-in structure

Independent development. Non-traditional manufacturing. Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of interchangeable cable interface methods in the industry, careful design, and improvement.
KZ ZSN 2 pin plug-in structure
Limit slot protection design
Adequate protection of needles to prevent breakage, extend the service life of the interface.
Assembling Bluetooth module
Switch to Bluetooth earphones quickly.
You need to purchase an adapted Bluetooth module separately.
Assembling upgraded cable
Improve sound quality.
You need to purchase an adapted upgrade cable separately.

Stable, ergonomic wearing experience

Ergonomic shape KZ ZSN designed based on big data, only to give you a superior wearing experience.
KZ ZSN In ear
26dB noise reduction
KZ ZSN ear-hook earphones can directly isolate about 26dB of noise when properly wearing without music. Lower volume, better for your listening.

HD Microphone

Customized Mic is designed with double capacitors and supports the international standard (American Standard) interface standard.
Short Press
Press Again
Keep Press
Press Once
Press Two Times
Next Song
Even Press Three Times
Previous Song

Details decide products quality

KZ ZSN Black
KZ ZSN Silver Purple
Silver Purple
KZ ZSN Silicon ear tips
Standard self-patented silicone case
Self-designed patent silicone ear tips, more comfortable fit the human auricle, allow sound to be transmitted more directly to the eardrum, to get a better sound quality experience.
Professional cable scheme
Anti-pull, anti-bending, anti-corrosion, providing excellent sound quality signal transmission. Gun black / Gun cyan collocated with gold brown cable. Silver-purple version of collocated with pink-gold cable.
Fixed with three steel screws
Exquisite texture, durable quality.
KZ ZSN Three steel screws
Aluminum alloy sound outlet
KZ ZSN Aluminum alloy sound outlet
KZ ZSN Without mic
No Mic
KZ ZSN With mic
With Mic


Product Name:
Plug Type:
Pin Type:
Line Length:
Ear hook
Control Button:
Standard/ With microphone
* Due to factors such as measurement environment and temperature, it is normal if there are slight tolerances on product parameters.
KZ ZSN Gallery blackKZ ZSN Gallery black with cableKZ ZSN Gallery purpleKZ ZSN Gallery two black

Wire Plugging Schematic

KZ ZSN Wire Plugging Schematic
Correctly distinguish Right And Left headphones and wires, as shown.
There are left and right logos on the wire, "L" is on the left, and "R" is on the right. The front of the headset is placed with the silicone sleeve facing left to the left and the silicone sleeve facing to the right, which is the right side.
KZ ZSN Wire Plugging Schematic Assembly a wire
The correct assembly of the wire is with the needle head and "L R" logo facing up. Do not assemble the pinhead down, and it will harm sound quality.
KZ ZSN Wire Plugging Schematic How to plug
Point the wire to the plug and push it in until it fits perfectly.
KZ ZSN Wire Plugging Schematic Be careful
Since the wire is a design that does not easily come off, please be careful when inserting or pulling.

Schematic Diagram Of Headset Wearing

KZ ZSN Schema Left and Right
Correctly distinguish right and left headphones, "L" for left, "R" for right.
KZ ZSN Schema How to insert into the ear
Straight headphones inserted into the ear, correct wear, comfortable wear, excellent sound insulation performance.
KZ ZSN Schema How to fix wire
Fix the headset wire behind the ear.
KZ ZSN Schema How to adjust
Press and hold the headset panel to adjust the seal.
KZ ZSN Schema How to fix earphones
Adjust earphone wire and fix earphones.
KZ ZSN Schema How to plug
Plug the headset plugs into the play-back device and use it to adjust the volume before the headset is plugged into the device.
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