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Dynamic Drivers
Dynamic In-Ear Monitor with Innovative Tuning Methods
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Standard Version
Tunable Version
High-performance flagship dynamic IEM
The pioneering and innovative precise tuning method
KZ D-Fi Flagship Dynamic IEMKZ D-Fi Flagship Dynamic IEM
Zobel network circuit design
10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver
Full-metal 3D stereo design
4-key customizable tuning
Two versions available
Newly upgraded ear tips

The illustrious dual-magnet & dual-cavity dynamic brings you an extraordinary acoustic experience

KZ D-Fi adopts the exclusive custom dual-magnet & dual-cavity dynamic driver. Dual magnetic means a dual magnetic circuit whose magnetic field is enhanced by superimposing the magnetic force of 2 magnets to achieve energy efficiency and stronger transient performance.
Alloy cover
Metal acoustic mesh
10mm Dual magnetic dynamic driver
gold-plated socket
Metal front-cavity
Metal filter nozzle mesh
Sound isolating memory foam ear tips
KZ D-Fi schema

The pioneering and innovative precise tuning method

The traditional tuning method is achieved by replacing dampers with different mesh numbers and sizes, but this method cannot accurately control a specific frequency band. KZ adopts innovative circuit board adjustment methods to control each frequency band according to our target curve accurately.
KZ Patent Electronic tuning
Pioneering precision tuning methods.
Traditional tuning methods
Unable to adjust accurately for a specific frequency band.

Two versions available

Meet the individual needs of different music lovers
KZ D-Fi is designed with a standard version and a tunable version. The standard version has an accurate and balanced frequency response tuning. The tunable version can achieve 16 different sound styles by adjusting the toggle switch to meet the different needs of more players.
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.
KZ D-Fi standard version
Accurate and balanced frequency response.
KZ D-Fi tuning version
4 switches to achieve 16 tuning styles.

Precision four-gear switch

Sixteen tuning styles
KZ D-Fi adopts exclusive patented tuning technology and has precise 4-gear electronic switches. The first, second, and third gears are adjusted for low frequencies; each additional gear increases the lower frequency. The fourth gear is adjusted for the full frequency band. Users can customize and adjust sixteen tuning styles according to their preferences to meet their needs for sound.
KZ D-Fi four-gear switch

Suitable for a variety of music styles, easy to drive

The king of dynamic IEM, classic U-shaped tuning, the bass is strong, properly & clear, plus the natural & smooth sub-bass treble is well-defined, which makes KZ D-Fi becomes one of the dynamic kings in the market.
KZ D-Fi Frequency response tunable versionKZ D-Fi Frequency response standard version
Outstanding parameters bring the outstanding sound quality
Frequency response range is an important parameter for judging the sound quality of an earphone. Most earphones on the market have a frequency response width range of only between 20Hz and 20000Hz. The frequency response width of KZ D-Fi can range from 7Hz to 45000Hz. Therefore, KZ D-Fi has deep enough low-frequency diving and excellent performance.

Creative irregular faceplate design

The engaging metal texture is created through multiple processes, and the mirror effect is achieved after manual mirror polishing. Through the above process, to create high-end IEMs.
KZ D-Fi close view

Focus on ergonomic in-ear design for cavity & nozzle

Comfortable to wear it
With the ergonomic cavity design, the proper length nozzle ensures the earphone is comfortable to wear and does not easily fall off. Meanwhile, KZ D-Fi uses sound-isolating memory foam ear tips to reduce external noise interference.
KZ D-Fi in the male ear
Earhook design
Different sizes

Professional high-purity silver-plated cable

High-purity silver-plated wire can reduce signal loss during transmission and ensure high-fidelity sound transmission.
KZ D-Fi cable

Control all functions in one button

High-sensitivity microphone for singing/calling. Only for the cable with the microphone.
KZ D-Fi cable with MIC
Short press
Hang up
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song

Product Information

Product model
Plug type
Pin Type
Cable Type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length
23.5Ω Standard Version,  29Ω~48Ω Tuning Version

Product list

  • Earbuds
  • Silicone ear tips
  • Silver-plated cable
  • Tuning lever (only available for tunable version)
  • Instruction book
  • Eco-friendly packaging
KZ D-Fi What in the box
KZ D-Fi Standard version No MIC
KZ D-Fi no MIC
KZ D-Fi Standard version With MIC
KZ D-Fi with MIC
KZ D-Fi Tuning version No MIC
KZ D-Fi tuning version no MIC
KZ D-Fi Tuning version With MIC
KZ D-Fi tuning version with MIC
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