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Dynamic Drivers
High-performance 10mm dynamic earphones
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A masterpiece in tribute to classic tuning
Enjoy the extraordinary listening experience
High-performance 10mm dynamic earphones
3D Design metal face cover
High-resolution acoustic sound quality
KZ EDXS earphonesKZ EDXS earphones

Six Core Features

10mm High-performance driver
High-resolution acoustic sound quality
3D Design metal face cover
Ergonomic design for comfortable wear
High-definition microphone
Ergonomic detachable design

A new generation of 10mm high-performance dynamic unit

Stunning sound quality
Listen to extraordinary sounds
The KZ EDXS is equipped with a 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver, which is powerful and penetrating in the bass. The dynamic uses pure copper coils, with high resolution and excellent detail in the mids and highs range, making it easy to master vocals and music.
KZ EDXS 10mm dynamic unit

Structure analysis

Surge sound field
The professional acoustic structure design provides a guarantee for excellent sound quality. It brings a thick and powerful bass, bright and clear high and midrange, and three frequencies of the natural balance of an extraordinary listening feast.
KZ EDXS schema
Metal protection grid
10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver
Sound filter grid
One-piece die-casting alloy cover
0.75mm gold-plated connector
Passive filter
Earphone cavity
Skin-friendly silicone ear tips

Tribute to the classic

Better than ever
KZ EDXS has been tuned by professional tuners many times, with high fidelity sound quality, curve based on the perceptual characteristics of the human ear, making the earbuds in different frequency bands of sound performance more balanced and natural, but also to ensure the comfort of listening and the clarity of musical details. It could be a more realistic reproduction of musical details.
*KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the data.
Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.
KZ EDXS Frequency response

Advanced technology

Unique design
Exquisite and durable
KZ EDXS's unique asymmetric design enhances the earphones' three-dimensional sense, with the mirror metal's reflective texture, in different angles to show different light and shadow effects.
KZ EDXS without cable

Ergonomic design

Comfortable to wear
Effective noise reduction
Ear hooks soft fit ear contours, with 3 pairs (large, medium, and small) of skin-friendly silicone ear tips to make the earphone wear more comfortable and stable. Ear tips can also effectively reduce external noise interference.
KZ EDXS in the ear

Ergonomic detachable design

Free to upgrade the earbuds cable
KZ EDXS has a 2Pin universal gold-plated connector to match most of the earphones cable on the market.
KZ EDXS cable attachment

High-purity silver-plated flat cable

Lossless transmission
Restore the natural sound
High-precision silver-plated wire core can reduce the loss of signal transmission and reduce the sound attenuation so that the audio signal resolution and conductivity better achieve high-fidelity sound transmission.
High-purity silver-plated flat cable

High-definition microphone

One key control is more convenient
Whatever you do - make calls, listen to or switch music - one key control is more convenient.
One key control with high-definition microphone
Short press
Hang up
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song

Product Information

Product model
Plug type
Pin Type
Cable Type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
KZ EDXS What's in the box
KZ EDXS no Mic
KZ EDXS without Mic
KZ EDXS with Mic
KZ EDXS with Mic
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