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TWS HD Bluetooth Ear hooks
Upgrade wired earphones to wireless earphones
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TWS HD Bluetooth Ear hook
Upgrade wired earphones to wireless earphones
Support AAC audio encoding transmission
Bluetooth 5.2 chip
KZ AZ09 TWS HD Bluetooth Ear hookKZ AZ09 TWS HD Bluetooth Ear hook

Wired earphones to wireless earphones
Pluggable Bluetooth ear hook

The KZ AZ09 plug-in module with gold-plated pins makes the earphones become wireless earphones in seconds, getting rid of the shackles of cables. You can choose the hybrid technology/dynamic/balanced armature earphones and discover more exciting upgrades.
KZ AZ09 connector
You can use 0.75/0.78mm pin earphones. Suitable for KZ ZSX, ZSN, ASX, ZS10 Pro, DQ6, ZSN Pro, ZSN Pro X, and other KZ earphones.

Small body
Multiple core functions

Bluetooth 5.2
Dual host
Large capacity battery
High-performance mode
Ergonomic design

Strong compatibility
Get rid of the shackles of wired earphones

KZ AZ09 can be connected to almost all devices with Bluetooth functions. The compatibility is strong. Whether it is an iOS system or Android, it is compatible. Never worry about the length of the earphone cable anymore.
*This product is for Bluetooth upgrades only. Sold without earphones.
KZ AZ09 with different earphones

Small and light
Comfortable wearing experience

The Bluetooth ear hook weighs only 4.5 g, which is light and has no pressure. The ear hook is made of skin-friendly resin, which is soft and comfortable and fits the auricle. Long wear is also comfortable.
*This product is for Bluetooth upgrades only. Sold without earphones.
KZ AZ09 with earphone on the ear
Lightweight without pressure
Skin-friendly resin material

Bluetooth 5.2 chip
The connection is as stable as wired

Compared with the 5.0 version of the chip, our chip power consumption is lower, bringing more extended battery life. It can automatically connect and pair automatically. The sound quality is as stable as wired.
KZ AZ09 Bluetooth 5.2 chip
Ordinary Bluetooth 5.0
Battery life: about 2 hours
Bluetooth range: about 8m
Game mode: about 80ms
New Bluetooth 5.2
Battery life: about 6 hours
Bluetooth range: about 15m
Game mode: 40ms
Speed increase
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth 5.2

Light but powerful
Continuous battery life in the charging case

The Bluetooth ear hook KZ AZ09 can be used for about 6 hours in a fully charged state, and the charging case can last 8-10 times.
KZ AZ09 charging case on charge
*When the Bluetooth ear hook is set to 70% volume, the music "Hotel California" is played in a loop, and the battery life is about 6 hours. The earphone is KZ-EDX.

AAC Advanced Audio Coding Transmission Technology

Professional sound quality comes from the chip and the dual protection of AAC advanced coding ability. AAC advanced audio coding transmission technology is adopted to improve listening and bring natural and clear sound significantly.
KZ AZ09 with closed charging case

Faster response
Dual Channel transmission technology

Eliminate conventional single host, dual transmission, lower delay, two ear hooks can be connected to different Bluetooth devices, and the ear hooks can be used individually.
*This product is for Bluetooth upgrades only. Sold without earphones.
KZ AZ09 dual channel technology

Basic operation one-click control

From pairing to operation is very simple. Just move your finger. You can quickly achieve a variety of requirements. Functions may vary by device.
*This product is for Bluetooth upgrades only. Sold without earphones.
KZ AZ09 sensor button
Play / Pause
Click the button
Previous song / Next song
Double-click left / right ear
Start Siri
Long press for 2 seconds
Touch switch
Refuse to answer the call
Long press on incoming call

Wear it close to your body,
and music will accompany you

Public transport
Shopping mall
Leisure time
Exercise and Fitness
KZ AZ09 size

Product specifications

Product Name: KZ AZ09
Bluetooth version: 5.2
Bluetooth range: 15m
Ear hook weight: 4.5g (single)
Weight of charging case: 85g
Ear hook battery capacity: 50mA
Charging case battery capacity: 800mA
*This product is for Bluetooth upgrades only. Sold without earphones.

Wear it correctly and comfortably

KZ AZ09 how to connect
KZ AZ09 how to insert into the ear
KZ AZ09 how to adjust
1. Correctly distinguish the left and right ear hooks, check the logo on the ear hook, "L" applies to the left ear, and "R" applies to the right ear.

2. Connect the Bluetooth ear hook to the earphone, put the earphone into the mouth of the ear canal, push it gently, and push it straight in the ear.

3. Put the ear hook on the back of the ear and slightly rotate it to adjust the sealing and comfort of the earphone for a better audio experience.
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KZ AZ09 BT Ear hooks and box hand-drawn imageKZ AZ09 BT Ear hook hand-drawn image