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9.6mm Large Dynamic Unit Earphone
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9.6mm large ecological unit
A "huge change" pronunciation unit
KZ ED4 EarphoneKZ ED4 Earphone

Horror explosive power

Come from a 9.6mm ecological unit
KZ ED4 Schema

Medium frequency Bang Bo shook
Deep bass, powerful

Mounted 9.6mm pronunciation unit, performance ease!
KZ ED4 Front and Rear view

Clean, beautiful voice

The KZ ED4, only to make a more profound, full of emotional sound.
KZ ED4 Inside
KZ ED4 Left and Rear view

To remove the burden, to create a simple style

KZ ED4 cavity using the "research-grade aluminum" forging, filling the simple, the atmosphere! Quality is superior!

HD capacitive MIC

KZ ED4 has a built-in metal-style HD capacitive MIC. The standard format adopted by international standards (American standard), fully compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Android, and other international standard-definition standard mobile phone calls.
KZ ED4 Mic on cable
Short press: Answer
Then press: Hang up
Long press: Reject
Press once: Pause
Press twice: The next song
Press three times: Previous song

56 core lossless transmission line

KZ ED4 cable contains 56 cores and is made of LC-OFC oxygen-free copper, 99.99999% conductivity.
Bulletproof fiber
Enamelled copper wire
TPE transparent surface
KZ ED4 Cable structure


KZ ED4 With ear tipKZ ED4 Front and Back view with ear tipsKZ ED4 Real photo on tableKZ ED4 Real photo with ear tipsKZ ED4 Real photo near playerKZ ED4 Real photo one on top of the otherKZ ED4 Real photo Left and Right view
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