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10mm Dynamic Driver Hi-Fi Earphones
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Hi-Fi should not be defined by price
KZ EDCX is intended to correct two hot and almost useless product gimmicks in the Hi-Fi circle, which some so-called well-known brands respect.
KZ EDCX Dynamic Driver Hi-Fi EarphonesKZ EDCX Dynamic Driver Hi-Fi Earphones
To popularize real earphone tuning
It alludes to two selling points that are almost useless or deviate from the original design principles of earphones, which are recognized by the so-called high-end brands and high-end products in the circle and are vigorously promoted by the so-called professional public KOL.

Seiko design with great beauty

A transparent PC cavity embedded with highly reflective stainless steel trim gives KZ EDCX a diamond-like sparkle.
Two KZ EDCX earphones on gray background

A controversial 10mm dynamic driver

Instead of using the so-called fancy diaphragm material, we used the most common 6 microns thick PET diaphragm into the driver on KZ EDCX. At the same time, we use four layers of the voice coil to enhance its output performance. Additionally, we by adjusting the height of the voice coil to accurately adjust the location of the high-frequency formant, by adjusting the damping to control the sensitivity of low frequency, by adjusting the size of the driver's cover aperture to control the height of the ultra-high frequency formant, by compressing the volume of the internal space of the driver to control the position of the 2-3 kHz formant and assist in controlling the position of the ultra-high frequency formant. We finally completed this driver through the above technical adjustment and compared similar products' FR curves and distortion data to ensure that KZ EDCX can compete with those high-priced and so-called professional Hi-Fi dynamic lEMs.
KZ EDCX circle art

KZ EDCX has the same U-shaped tuning as those high-end products

U-shaped curve tuning is a tuning style recognized by many Hi-Fi enthusiasts in recent years, and its main feature is that it tends to follow the Harman curve. The tuning of the KZ EDCX is also adjusted in this direction. U-shaped tuning style can consider both low frequency and high frequency, highlighting the separation between the three frequencies, so the low-frequency performance will maintain clarity even if the volume is increased. In this style, there is a difference of about 10dB between high frequency and medium frequency in sensitivity so that we can feel a high separation between vocals and instrumental music.
KZ EDCX frequency responce
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Oxygen-free copper core
Lossless transmission

OFC oxygen-free copper has excellent conductivity, providing stable and high-quality sound for KZ EDCX.
Oxygen-free copper core wire
Jack 3.5mm
Wide compatibility
Mobile phone

HD microphone
Clear call effect

Multi-function wire control allows you to make voice calls, control music playback/pausing, and more. An omnidirectional microphone brings a clear and stable sound-picking effect.
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song
Short press
KZ EDCX wire control button

Product Information

Product model
Plug type
Gray, Cyan
No luxurious packaging can fill the emptiness of the product itself. We insist on using eco-friendly packaging with smaller volumes and lighter weight.
Simple - Environmental - Practical
KZ EDCX What in the box

Product display

KZ EDCX Gray photo
KZ EDCX Cyan photo
KZ EDCX Gray on white backgroundKZ EDCX Cyan on white background
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