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Bluetooth Earphones
Bluetooth 5.2 Qualcomm QCC 3040 TWS Earphones
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Immersive sound experience
Unleash wireless power
Five major configurations
Lead the industry
1. High-end configuration: 10mm customized dynamic driver design restores sound details and clearly presents each sound.

2. High-fidelity sound quality: Built-in Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC 3040 supports APT-X lossless decoding technology.

3. Dual mode design: Self-developed full power mode/game mode, suitable for various music styles and various game types.

4. CVC call noise reduction: CVC noise reduction sensors can form high-precision reverse sound waves to counteract environmental noise.

5. Charging case: The earphone's playback time should be at least 4 hours, and the 400mAh large-capacity battery will escort you on the road to music.

Customized dynamic unit

10mm customized dynamic driver is loaded with a high-performance composite molecular diaphragm. KZ VXS brings an excellent listening experience.
10mm customized dynamic driver

Qualcomm chip QCC3040

Bluetooth 5.2 stable connection
KZ VXS is powered by Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, new generation Bluetooth 5.2. It supports APT-X lossless transmission, brings faster connection, stronger anti-interference ability, and a more stable experience.
Qualcomm chip QCC3040

APT-X lossless decoding

Sound quality is different
KZ VXS comes with CD-level audio decoding, supports 16bit and 24bit audio, and has the highest sampling rate up to 48kHz, reducing the loss of sound quality and preserving more details of the music.
KZ VXS earbuds and charger case next to smartphone

Full power output

Game without delay
Tap the left earphone 3 times to turn on the full power output mode.Tap the right earphone 3 times to turn on the low-latency game mode.
Full power mode
High-fidelity sound quality
In-depth analysis
Wonderful original sound
Game mode
40ms without delay
Enjoy the game world
Audio and picture synchronization
KZ VXS close view

CVC calls noise reduction technology

KZ VXS uses CVC microphone noise reduction technology, plus professional environmental background sound digital algorithms, effectively reducing background noise during calls can effectively reduce background noise by 90%.
KZ VXS in ear

Strong battery life

Extraordinary experience
KZ VXS has an upgraded magnetic case for fast charging. The earbuds charge automatically when placed in the case and turn off when they are fully charged.
KZ VXS in the magnetic charger case
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Switch between the earphones at will

Both earphones have independent and complete chips, which can switch between single and dual ears extremely fast, improve connection stability and reduce the audio interruption caused by music or calls.
KZ VXS next to the switched on smartphone
Dual host design
Dual host design
You can take it at any time without disconnection
Single host design
Single host design
It will disconnect frequently

Smart touch

One-key operation easy to use
Thanks to a touch upgrade, you can switch multiple functions with a light touch. The convex surface design is not easy to touch accidentally, with high sensitivity and quick response.
KZ VXS on gray background
Play / pause
Click once
Previous / next song
Double-click the left ear
Double-click the right ear
Start Siri
Long press
for two seconds
Hang up answer
Click once
Reject call
Long press on incoming call
Full power
for Hi-Fi music mode
Triple click left ear
Gaming mode
Triple click right ear

Product Specifications

Product Model:
Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth Chip:
Earphones battery life:
About 5 hours
Earphones battery capacity:
Charging case battery capacity:
Charges in the charging case:
About 4 times
Charging port:
Transmission distance:
about 15 meters
KZ VXS with charger caseKZ VXS on top of the charger caseKZ VXS are charged in a charging caseKZ VXS with charger case on white background
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