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Bluetooth 5.4 Qualcomm QCC3091 TWS Earphones
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Hi-Fi-grade Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds
Advanced hardware delivers unparalleled sound quality for a wireless audio peak experience.

12 Reasons for Choosing KZ XTRA

Qualcomm QCC3091 Chip
Superb Computing Power
Qualcomm QCC3091 Chip
Adaptive Doubly Fed Hybrid
Deep Active Noise Cancellation Technology
KZ XTRA Noise Cancellation Technology
Multiple Performance Modes
ANC / Transparency / Gaming
A man listens to KZ XTRA
Truly Lossless Hi-Fi Sound Quality
KZ XTRA with charging case
Triple-Microphone Hybrid Noise Cancellation Technology
Snapdragon Sound
Snapdragon Sound logo
Latency as low as
Smartphone in hands
Extremely Battery Life
Battery pic
Superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio with Less Distortion
KZ XTRA with graph on the background
10mm Super Linear Dynamic Driver
10mm Super Linear Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth 5.4 Version
CVC High-Definition Call Noise Cancellation Technology
Two KZ XTRA with graph on the background

Comparison between Qualcomm QCC3091 Chip PCBA and Low-end Chip PCBA

The KZ XTRA TWS Earbuds utilize the advanced Qualcomm QCC3091 chip, featuring a meticulously optimized PCBA layout. This ensures efficient power usage, enhanced connectivity, and superior sound quality, outperforming low-end chip designs in every aspect.
Front side of Qualcomm QCC3091 Chip
Front side of Qualcomm QCC3091 Chip
Front side of Low-end Chip
Front side of Low-end Chip
Back side of Qualcomm QCC3091 Chip
Back side of Qualcomm QCC3091 Chip
Back side of Low-end Chip
Back side of Low-end Chip

Chipset Comparison

Chip Model
Chip Process
Number of Processor Cores
Clock Speed
80 MHz
Bluetooth Version
Transmission Protocol
AAC/SBC/apt-X Adaptive
Name: 2x Qualcomm® Kalimba
Clock speed: 2x240 MHz
Data RAM: 1408 kB
Program RAM: 384 kB
Power Consumption
4mA (A2DP)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
Noise Cancellation Depth
Audio Resolution
24 bit 96kHz High-resolution Audio
24 bit 48kHz Lossless Audio
Layers of PCBA board
8 layers
4 layers

A Signal-to-Noise Ratio of up to 120dB

The KZ XTRA TWS Earbuds, featuring the Qualcomm QCC3091 chip, boast an impressive signal-to-noise ratio of up to 120 dB. This significant advancement ensures clearer, crisper sound quality than conventional Bluetooth chips, providing an unparalleled audio experience.
QCC 3091
Signal-to-noise ratio: 120dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB
Realtek 87 **
Signal-to-noise ratio: 98dB
Airoha15 **
Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB

Triple-Microphone Noise Cancellation Technology with 55dB Reduction

Experience the ultimate noise reduction with KZ XTRA, featuring advanced triple-microphone hybrid noise cancellation technology.With 55dB of noise cancellation, these earbuds deliver immersive and uninterrupted sound, setting a new standard in the industry. Once again, leading the competition!
KZ XTRA 3-MIC noise cancellation technology

Built-In DSP Exclusive Acoustic Algorithm

KZ XTRA utilizes a built-in DSP-exclusive acoustic algorithm to bring wireless sound quality to a new level. This advanced technology ensures precise audio processing, delivering an unparalleled listening experience with rich, clear, and immersive sound.
DSP chip

High-Bitrate HD Audio with Qualcomm aptX

KZ XTRA takes audio quality to the next level with Qualcomm's exclusive aptX high-bitrate HD audio transmission technology. Offering a bandwidth twice that of the SBC transmission protocol, aptX ensures a richer, clearer, and more detailed sound experience.
Qualcomm aptX logo
SBC 328kbps
aptX 576kbps

High-Definition Audio with AAC Technology

AAC high-definition audio compression and decoding transmission technology ensure clear, detailed, high-fidelity sound. This advanced technology provides an exceptional listening experience, elevating audio quality to new heights.
AAC letters with graph

Audiophile Quality with Snapdragon Sound

With Snapdragon Sound, the QCC3091 supports 24-bit 48kHz lossless music streaming, allowing you to hear every detail of your music exactly as the artist intended. Snapdragon Sound also delivers enhanced robustness and low latency with a voice backchannel for in-game chat. The DAC performance has been improved to deliver enhanced SNR and a reduced noise floor compared to previous generations.
DAC letters

Verified 55ms Ultra-Low Latency

We reject the false advertising of competitors who claim low latency but actually measure around 100ms. At KZ XTRA, our rigorously verified 55ms ultra-low latency is a top-tier industry standard, tested across the entire signal chain. Unlike others who cherry-pick data, we measure true end-to-end latency, from mobile signal to Bluetooth earphone reception, decoding, and output. Qualcomm Bluetooth chips in KZ XTRA earbuds offer unmatched computing power, ensuring you experience the lowest latency in the market.
KZ XTRA next to a gaming smartphone

Superior RF Signal Reception with Multilayer Ceramic Antenna

The KZ XTRA earbuds feature a large-size multilayer ceramic RF signal-receiving antenna, ensuring superior signal reception and stability. Compared to competitors, our advanced antenna design significantly enhances connectivity and reduces interference, providing a seamless and reliable listening experience.
KZ XTRA antenna comparison

High-Definition Call Quality with CVC Noise Cancellation

Experience smooth and clear call quality with KZ XTRA's CVC high-definition call noise cancellation technology. Qualcomm's patented technology ensures that your calls are free from background noise, providing a seamless and professional communication experience.
A passenger on the subway listens to KZ XTRA

Stunning Audio Quality with Super Linear Dynamic Driver

The KZ XTRA earbuds have a 10mm super linear dynamic driver, delivering breathtaking audio quality. Enjoy powerful bass, clear mids, and crisp highs, ensuring an immersive and high-fidelity listening experience.
Super Linear Dynamic Driver

Enhanced Bass Performance Surpassing Wired Earphones

The KZ XTRA earbuds feature an improved frequency response (FR) graph with enhanced HM bass, surpassing a wide range of wired pseudo-Hi-Fi earphones. Enjoy deeper, more powerful bass that elevates your listening experience to new heights.
KZ XTRA graph
Note: The above data are measured by KZ laboratory and may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

Superior Sensitivity Response for Hi-Fi Performance

Sensitivity response is a crucial indicator for judging the performance of Hi-Fi earphones. The KZ XTRA earbuds exhibit an outstanding sensitivity response, ensuring superior audio clarity and dynamic range compared to competitors.
KZ XTRA graph comparison

True Low Power Consumption for Extended Battery Life

Low power consumption isn't just a promotional slogan. Compare the power consumption of the Qualcomm QCC3091 chip with other chips. With an actual power consumption of just 4mAh, the QCC3091 chip ensures a battery life of approximately 8 hours, significantly outperforming competitors. When the battery capacity is the same as 48mAh, the efficiency and longevity that set this technology apart from the rest are experienced.

* When the battery capacity is the same as 48mAh
Actual power consumption: 4mAh
Actual power consumption: 8mAh
Actual power consumption: 8-15mAh
QCC 3091
Other chips
Battery life: approximately 8 hours
Battery life: approximately 4 hours
Battery life: approximately 2-3 hours

Supporting the Latest Bluetooth 5.4 Version

The latest Bluetooth 5.4 version offers significant improvements over previous versions. With enhanced connection range, faster transmission speed, and lower battery power consumption than Bluetooth 5.3 and 5.2, Bluetooth 5.4 ensures a superior wireless experience.
Connection range
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth 5.4
Transmission speed
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth 5.4
Battery power consumption
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth 5.4

Superior Battery Life with 48mAh Capacity

The KZ XTRA has an approximately 48mAh pure lithium cobaltate battery, significantly outperforming competitors with only 35mAh capacity in the same class. This provides a clear advantage in battery life, ensuring more extended usage and a better overall experience.
48mAh battery picture

Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Comfort and Stability

KZ's original ergonomic design ensures a more stable and comfortable fit. The KZ XTRA earbuds are crafted to provide maximum comfort during extended use, offering a secure fit that stays in place no matter the activity.
KZ XTRA in the ear

Multiple Modes Available

ANC Mode
Adopting advanced noise cancellation algorithms, accurately capturing environmental noise, and emitting reverse sound waves to counteract external noise.
KZ XTRA in the ear of a silent woman
High-Performance Mode
This mode provides ultra-low latency and stable transmission, allowing you to clearly perceive enemy footsteps and gunshots, ensuring your safety in the "hail of bullets."
Game screenshot
Transparency Mode
In this mode, you can perceive and listen to external sounds without removing your earbuds.
KZ XTRA in the ear of a talking woman

Intelligent Touch Control for Easy Use

Tap once
Last/Next song
Tap the left/right earbud twice
Answer/Hang up
Tap once
Long press 2s
Start Siri
Long press the right earbud for 2s
High-performance mode
Tap three times
ANC/Transparent Mode
Long press the left earbud for 2s to switch between modes
Note: Some functions vary by device
KZ XTRA in the charging case

Product Information

Product Model:
Bluetooth Version:
ANC depth:
Bluetooth range:
Earhooks battery capacity:
Charging case battery capacity:
Earphone playing time:
Total Battery Life:
Charging interface:
Note: The above data are measured by KZ laboratory and may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

Simple, Practical, and Environment-friendly Packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of KZ's beliefs since its founding.
KZ XTRA What's in the box
KZ XTRA with charging case on a white backgroundKZ XTRA on a white background
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