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KZ SA08 Pro
8BA Qualcomm QCC 3040 BT 5.2 Earphones
8-unit Pure Balanced Armature Bluetooth Earphones
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8 Balanced Armature Drivers True Wireless Earphone
The audio ceiling in the wireless field
Born to bring you a new listening experience

Selling Points

8 BA drivers
Qualcomm QCC3040
AptX codec
Hi-Fi Stereo
24H Endurance

4 BA drivers on each side

Super earbuds with high-end hardware
Through precise frequency division, each BA driver is in the correct position for a different frequency.

22955 for low frequency
31736 for medium frequency
29689 for high-frequency and ultra-high frequency
KZ SA08 PRO schema

DSP algorithm based on Qualcomm professional Bluetooth chip

DSP algorithm enables KZ SA08 PRO to surpass many high-end wired earphones in sound performance.
KZ SA08 PRO next to smartphone

Qualcomm 3040 Chip

Bring Stunning Sound Quality with aptX Codec
The advanced chip manufacturing process greatly improves the KZ SA08 PRO's endurance. It utilizes the latest CVC 8.0 technology to bring crystal clear calls.
Bluetooth 5.2
Compared with Bluetooth 4.2
The transmission speed increased
The transmission distance increased
Equipped with a QCC3040 chip, the new Bluetooth 5.2 has higher transmission speed, more stable signal, lower latency, and longer endurance.

Metal & resin fusion design

Explosion of texture
The middle frame of the cavity cover is made of stainless steel by integral stamping, and the central part of the face cover is inlaid with resin, which not only effectively guarantees RF performance but also highlights the overall texture.
KZ SA08 PRO next to charging case

Original gaming/full-power dual mode

Professional more than one side
Whether playing games or listening to music, KZ SA08 PRO can bring more professional audio quality enjoyment.
Gaming Mode
Immerse in your game and slay the enemy without being noticed!
Full-Power Mode
Enjoy the original sound quality

Adhere to natural

Passive noise cancellation design
Based on excellent ergonomic design, KZ SA08 PRO can isolate about 23dB of external noise in terms of passive noise cancellation when properly worn. Because it does not rely on the generation of reverse sound waves to achieve noise cancellation, it will not have the boredom of ENC. The sense of hearing is also more natural.
KZ SA08 PRO graph

Open-window design charging case

Easy to check battery level
The single-ear battery life is about 6 hours, and the total battery life can be about 24 hours with the large-capacity charging case. KZ SA08 PRO lets you enjoy music and games freely.
KZ SA08 PRO in the charging box
6 hours
Single playtime
3 charges
Charging case
24 hours
Total Endurance

Impressive wearing experience

The classic ergonomic design is consistent with the ear, which is comfortable to wear and stable and not easy to fall off.
KZ SA08 PRO in the ear

Smart Touch Control

Just touch the smart key to realize complex functions and say goodbye to the sense of pressing brought by the physical key.
KZ SA08 PRO touch control zones
Power on/off
Take out/put in.
Activate voice assistant
Long press for 2s.
Answer/Hang up
Click to answer the call.
Reject call
Long press for 2s.
Previous/Next song
Double-click the left/right.
Gaming mode
Click 3 times.


Charging Interface
Bluetooth Version
Running Time
Battery Capacity
Transmission Distance
Single Earbud Weight
Performance Mode
Full-Power / Gaming mode
KZ SA08 PRO sizing chart

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

It has been used for 10 years
We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
KZ SA08 PRO what in the box
KZ SA08 PRO in the charging box on a white backgroundKZ SA08 PRO Earphones on a white background
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KZ SA08 Pro hand-drawn imageKZ SA08 Pro hand-drawn image