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KZ T10
Bluetooth Earphones
Bluetooth 5.0 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
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KZ T10

Extraordinary Sound Quality
Enjoy your music - Without Distraction
ANC Double-Fed Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones
KZ T10 ANC Double-Fed Active Noise Cancellation Wireless HeadphonesKZ T10 ANC Double-Fed Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones
ANC Technology
Titanium Diaphragm
5 HD microphones
Bluetooth 5.0 chip
Long battery life
Protein leather material
Wear optimization
Get rid of wired

Excellent Phonology

Excellent Performance
After a year of researching, the professional master tuning team combined with the professional dynamic acoustic team created this high-fidelity sound and let the magnificent song unfold in mind.
Woman listening to music with KZ T10 headphones

ANC / Transparent mode

Adjustable ANC active noise cancellation technology helps you control environmental noise
KZ T10 has a transparent monitor mode created by AI algorithms. Even while you are enjoying the music, it can clearly transmit outside human voices, car horns, and other sounds to you without interference.
KZ T10 ANC scheme
Long press [ANC] key for 2 seconds switch ANC / Transparent mode

40MM Titanium Diaphragm Drive Unit

Deep bass | Full mids | Bright treble
The overall thickness of the titanium diaphragm is thinner, which enhances the rigidity and analytical power of the diaphragm improves the high-frequency response speed. The transient response is more sensitive, the details are accurately grasped, and the three-frequency balance becomes more professional to restore the essence of music.
40MM Titanium Diaphragm Drive Unit

38-hour battery life

Enjoy music all day
Meet the needs of high-level business professionals: fast charging, long battery life, high-quality response to travel life. Realize the free shuttle between the real world and the music world.
KZ T10 headphones near the wall
Charging time
ANC Mode
Standby time
* Data obtained by KZ Laboratory

Upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0

Stable and continuous connection
KZ T10 adopts the new generation technology of Bluetooth 5.0, provides fast, stable, and lossless transmission with low power consumption.
Bluetooth 5.0 communication scheme
• 10 meters stable connection
• Low power consumption
• Compatible with multiple devices
Equipped with an upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 chip

Luxurious metal texture defines an extraordinary experience

KZ T10 has a classic CD brushed texture - a luxurious aluminum alloy texture. It is durable and brings you an extraordinary texture experience.
KZ T10 metal texture

The dial wheel is infinitely adjustable, and the music is not limited

With the KZ T10's creative adjustment wheel, you can freely adjust to a comfortable listening state without turning off the music.
KZ T10 adjustment wheel

Light luxury protein material, comfortable listening all day

The selection of high-quality protein leather material fits ergonomics and brings a soft, comfortable, and breathable wearing experience to the ears.
KZ T10 ear pads

Wired and wireless, free to switch

When the power of the earphone is low, you can connect the audio cable to listen unimpeded and immerse yourself in the world of music anytime, anywhere.
KZ T10 wired connection

Custom metal hinge

Adjust the angle as you like, smooth and effortless
Each pivot point uses a metal cast ammonium chain to extend the life of the headset. Multi-angle adjustment design, users can find a comfortable listening angle in various postures.
KZ T10 metal hinge
KZ T10 35mm pivotKZ T10's 90° horizontal rotatableKZ T10's 20° vertical rotatable

Product Parameters

Product Model:
KZ T10
Frequency Range:
Depth of noise reduction:
Bluetooth version:
Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission distance:
Jack type:
Battery life:
38 hours
Standby time:
60 hours
Charging time:
2 hours
Battery capacity:
Charging port:
Gray, black
KZ T10 Gray and black
KZ T10 GrayKZ T10 Black
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Service Hours:9:00-21:00
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KZ T10 image side view hand-drawn KZ T10 hand-drawn image