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KZ AS16 Pro X
Balanced Armature
16 Custom Balanced Armature Drivers Earphones

KZ AS16 Pro X

Evolution of Sound Quality
16-Driver Balanced Armature IEM
  • 16 Custom Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Precision Electronic Crossover Technology
  • Three-Channel Acoustic Duct Structure
  • Sparkling Diamond-Like Design
  • Professional Hi-Fi Tuning
  • Classic Ergonomic Design
KZ AS16 Pro XKZ AS16 Pro X

Unmatched Clarity and Depth with KZ AS16 Pro X's Advanced Balanced Armature Technology

Customized Balanced Armature 31736 x4

The dual-array designed 31736 high-frequency/ultra-high-frequency balanced armature driver has strong resolving power and high-frequency ductility, and the sound details are rich and full.

Customized Balanced Armature 30019 x1

The customized 30019 mid-high frequency balanced armature driver shows excellent details and dynamic response, allowing you to feel the vitality and passion of music.

Customized Balanced Armature 29689 x2

The customized 29689 mid-frequency balanced armature driver shows excellent resolution and clarity in the mid-frequency range. Whether vocals, musical instruments, or other sound elements are involved, they can be accurately restored and displayed.

Customized Balanced Armature 22955 x1

The highly acclaimed 22955 low-frequency balanced armature driver emits mellow low frequencies, allowing you to experience solid dynamic performance.

16 Balanced Armature Drivers Cover the Entire Audio Spectrum Bringing You an Audio Extravaganza

The classic EDX series has always won global users' trust with its outstanding performance, stable quality, and extremely high cost-effectiveness. With this new KZ EDX Pro X, we have maintained the original advantages while comprehensively improving various performance indicators to provide an even better user experience.
KZ AS16 Pro X's 16 Balanced armature drivers

Only the Balanced Armature Driver Can Achieve the Shock of High-Density Sound

The balanced armature driver's actual sound performance is much higher than the frequency response curve test range converted from the time domain frequency. Because of its innate structural advantages, lower mass under the membrane, and higher sound efficiency conversion, it creates unparalleled high-density sound performance.
What's inside the balance armature driver

The all-new Three-way Crossover Scheme Elevates the Performance of Sound to a Higher Dimension

Traditional frequency division technology may cause mutual interference between frequency bands, resulting in distortion or imbalance of sound quality. However, the new three-way crossover scheme adopted by the KZ AS16 Pro X avoids interference between frequency bands through precise algorithms and efficient processors, ensuring perfect fusion of each frequency band and bringing audiophiles an unprecedented auditory feast.
KZ AS16 Pro X's the all-new three-way crossover

Only Such Acoustic Parameters Can I be Called Professional-grade

KZ AS16 Pro X features an ultra-wide frequency and high-sensitivity dynamic response range. The bass has powerful depth, accurate vocal positioning, and excellent high-frequency extension.
KZ AS16 Pro X graph
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

High-precision 3D Printed Resin Bracket Multi-Channel Acoustic Structure Design

The carefully crafted triple-channel sound guide structure can effectively reduce sound distortion and noise, enhancing clarity and resolution. Whether it's the impactful bass, delicate midrange, or bright treble, you can experience accurate transmission.
KZ AS16 Pro X Striucture design

Ingenious Fusion of Resin and Metal Craftsmanship Creating a Magnificent and Unparalleled Exterior Design

The KZ AS16 Pro X's metal frame, sturdy and textured, complements the glossy and delicate feel of the transparent resin decoration, exuding a diamond-like luxuriousness.
KZ AS16 Pro X next to mp3 player

2 PIN Gold-plated Plug-in Structure Design

The interchangeable design allows you to freely replace earphone cables, enabling you to upgrade earphone cables to enhance the audio quality or pair with Bluetooth ear hooks to upgrade your wired earphones to wireless ones, exploring more possibilities.
KZ AS16 Pro X with cable next to mp3 player

Ergonomic Design for Stable and Comfortable Wearing

Through our extensive 3D auricle testing and data analysis accumulated over the years, you can enjoy a full range of comfortable ear-fitting experiences when worn correctly. The included flexible silicone ear tips allow you to experience excellent physical noise cancellation and sound insulation effects.
KZ AS16 Pro X in the ear

It Comes with a High-purity Silver-plated Cable

KZ AS16 Pro X includes audiophile-grade silver-plated flat cable, which can help reduce signal loss during transmission, ensuring high-fidelity audio delivery. The cable's skin-friendly, elastic outer coating also resists tangling and stretching.
High-purity silver-plated cable

Single-Button In-Line Control For Simpler Operations

The control unit has a built-in microphone for clear sound pickup, delivering excellent voice call quality.
KZ AS16 Pro X's single-button in-line control
Short press
Hang up
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song


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