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KZ SK10 Pro
Bluetooth Earphones
1BA+1DD Qualcomm 3040
BT 5.2 Earphone
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KZ SK10 Pro

Brand New Upgrade
True Wireless Earphones
KZ SK10 Pro is equipped with a new flagship Qualcomm 3040 chip upgraded to Bluetooth 5.2 technology. It significantly improves the problems of audio and video synchronization, stuttering interference, etc. Besides, it has lower power consumption and a more powerful battery. Feel the smooth and good sound quality!
KZ SK10 Pro Brand New Upgrade True Wireless EarphonesKZ SK10 Pro Brand New Upgrade True Wireless Earphones
QCC3040 Chip
Digital Noise Reduction
Bluetooth 5.2
Master-slave switch
6H Battery Life
Smart Touch
HD Call
In-Ear Design
Hi-Fi Sound Quality

Custom PET Molecular Diaphragm

Sound quality is more precise and surging
KZ SK10 Pro uses a diamond-like cutting pattern molecular diaphragm, which accurately analyzes and restores the details of the low, medium, and high frequencies. You can enjoy CD-level high-definition original sound every moment.
Custom PET Molecular Diaphragm
Precise Mids
Heavy Bass
Big Dynamic

Comfortable in your ears

High immersion, More enjoyment
We have created an ergonomic design by modifying it after thousands of tests on real people. Ensure that the current appearance is more suitable for the human ear-wearing structure.
KZ SK10 Pro in a woman's ear

QCC3040 Bluetooth Chip

Support Bluetooth 5.2 Chip
KZ SK10 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, brand new Bluetooth 5.2 transmission, overall performance improved, lower power consumption, faster transmission, more stable connection, support for HD apt-X, apt-X HD Audio.
QCC3040 Bluetooth Chip
Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2 Chip
Compared with ordinary Bluetooth chip QFN48 / Bluetooth 4.2
Significantly increase transmission speed
Greatly increase the transmission distance

Immersive feeling

Perfect display of surging sound quality
Professional technical strength to ensure more original and shocking sound effects for you. The strong bass performance makes every song full of rhythm, HiFi-level sound quality experience,the same music but different details.
KZ SK10 Pro frequency response curve
*The above data are KZ acoustical laboratory measurements. Actual use may vary slightly depending on the circumstances.

Free switching between two earphones

The left and right ears are the hosts
KZ SK10 Pro supports smooth switching between two earphones. Improve connection stability and reduce the resulting audio interruption, to some extent balance the power consumption between the two earbuds.
KZ SK10 Pro with open charging box

Hybrid Technology Drive

Bring a better sound quality experience
KZ SK10 Pro uses a customized hybrid technology unit with professional electronic crossover technology. Reasonable distribution of each frequency band response. Its bass sound field and treble details, high, middle, and low frequencies are seamlessly connected. You will hear incomparable sound details.
Internal structure of the KZ SK10 Pro earphone
30019 High-Frequency Balanced Armature
Supplement the ductility of the high frequency, presenting more rich details.
10mm PET molecular diaphragm dynamic unit
Bring a wide stereo field to meet the needs of various musical instruments.

400mAh Charging Case

Large capacity battery for long standby
The KZ SK10 Pro earphones can be used continuously for 6 hours when fully charged. Use the charging case to achieve 30 hours of powerful battery life. Let you freely enjoy the fun of games and music. Support Type-C interface charging. Charging has become much more convenient.
Both KZ SK10 Pro earbuds in the charging box
6 hours
Single playtime
30 hours
With charging case
20 hours
Standby time

Smart Sensor

Connect your phone instantly
Support iOS/Android devices.
Automatically turn on when the lid is opened, and turn off automatically when the lid is closed.
When the earphones are taken out of the charging case, it will be automatically turned on and paired to connect to the mobile phone without any operation.
KZ SK10 Pro earbuds lie on a smartphone

Quickly Switch Gaming Modes

Smooth Games, Immersive Experience
Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC3040 is equipped with 5.2 Bluetooth technology that provides game players with high-performance and high-quality game acoustics solutions. The transmission speed is increased by nearly 3 times, ultra-low latency is achieved, and listening to music/playing games is extremely enjoyable.
Game art with KZ SK10 Pro earbuds
Tap 3 times to enter the high-performance game mode. The delay is as low as 40ms.
Ordinary BT earphone:
about 150ms
Delayed transmission, audio, and video cannot be synchronized — bad gaming experience.
Turn on game mode:
about 40ms
The transmission speed is more than 3 times faster than ordinary earphones — a better gaming experience.

Smart Touch

Simple and quick operation
Get rid of the button-type headset. Just touch it lightly, and realize the functions of switch songs/answer/hang up/Siri and so on.
Last song/Next song
Double click the left ear to switch to the last song. Double click the right ear to switch to the next song.
Tap any earphones. Long press for two seconds to reject the call.
Start the Siri
Press and hold any earbud for 2 seconds for a pop-up voice assistant to appear.
Switch Mode
Tap 3 times to enter high-performance Game mode or switch to Normal mode.
Automatic switch
Open the case and take out the earphones to automatically turn on. Put the earphone into the charging case and automatically turn it off.
KZ SK10 Pro front view

Product Parameters

Model Name:
KZ SK10 Pro
Bluetooth chip:
Qualcomm QCC3040
Bluetooth version:
Bluetooth 5.2
Transmission distance:
Earphones battery life:
6h (It depends on usage)
Earphone battery capacity:
Case battery capacity:
Charging port:
Charging times of charging case:
Top view of KZ SK10 Pro earbuds in the charging box
Contact information
Service Hours:9:00-21:00
Service Hotline
B2B cooperation
2nd Floor, Building A, Longchang MicroPort Park, No.26 Hantang Street, Gutou Community, Dongcheng, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
KZ SK10 Pro hand-drawn imageKZ SK10 Pro hand-drawn image