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Hybrid Technology
Classic hybrid technology drive metal earphones
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Sound Field And Sense Of Hearing Are Comprehensively Improved

Classic hybrid technology drive metal earphones revolutionize again
KZ ZSN PRO X Hybrid technology drive metal earphonesKZ ZSN PRO X Hybrid technology drive metal earphones

4 New Upgrades As Always Professional

Configuration upgrade
Acoustic black technology - resetting the magnetic gap and diaphragm to give the dual magnetic moving coil brand new powerful performance.
Sound quality upgrade
Black technology large size dual magnetic dynamic + 30095 classic hybrid technology brings amazing sound appeal.
Cable upgrade
Standard high-purity silver-plated wire that Hi-Fi players love to enhance high-frequency extension and low-frequency fullness.
Appearance upgrade
Metal and resin are mixed and matched, and the new bright color matching brings another unique beauty.

Brand new bright color, shining zinc alloy

The texture is much better than headphones of the same price
The unique sparkle of metal is combined with the luster of imported resin, and every angle is dazzling. The exquisite craftsmanship and detailed appearance are rare in other earphones of the same price.
KZ ZSN PRO X Gold Black

Acoustic Black Technology
Reshape The Magnetic Gap

Redefine 10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic
The distance between the magnetic cores is the magnetic gap of the sound unit. By adjusting the magnetic gap of the dynamic, the eddy current loss is reduced, the stroke is increased, presents rich low-frequency power, provides a wide frequency response, and brings a sound experience like being on the spot.
KZ ZSN PRO X Redefine 10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic

Standard Configuration for Popular Hi-Fi Players!

100 Core High-Purity Silver Plated cable
4 strands of 100 cores are tightly wound, and the silver-plated layer effectively enhances the detail resolution. The sound field is wide and natural, and the loss and distortion in signal transmission are reduced.
KZ ZSN PRO X 100 Core High-Purity Silver Plated cable

Professional Acoustic Team Intensively Research And Tune

Show The Inherent Rich Analytical Power Of Hybrid Technology Configuration
The flexible low-frequency and smooth mid-frequency of the dynamic plus the bright high-frequency and detailed analysis of the balanced armature are tuned and fused by professional and scientific adjustments. The interpretation is like an immersive sound effect, giving the human voice richer and more clear details.
KZ ZSN PRO X Hybrid Technology Configuration
1. #30095 high-frequency balanced armature unit
2. 10mm mid-bass low-frequency balanced armature unit

Ergonomics And Comfortable Wearing

Effective Isolation Of External Noise
The curved cavity KZ ZSN PRO X follows the ergonomic design concept and fits the auricle tightly and comfortably. With the elastic memory Pu tube around the ear, it can be worn firmly and freely.
KZ ZSN PRO X Ergonomics And Comfortable Wearing

Change Bluetooth Module,
Switch To Bluetooth Earphones

0.75mm Standard Gold Plated Pin
The humanized cable can be upgraded to design. KZ ZSN PRO X supports the additional Bluetooth module, and it can be easily upgraded to a wireless headset.  We assembled various types of silver-plated wires to explore more novel ways to play.
KZ ZSN PRO X 0.75mm Standard Gold Plated Pin

HD Condenser Microphone

Compatible With Most Mainstream Headphones On The Market
KZ ZSN PRO X HD Condenser Microphone
Press Once
Press Two Times
Next Song
Even Press Three Times
Previous Song
Short Press
Press Again
Hang Up
Keep Press

Multiple Styles

KZ ZSN PRO X Earphones Gold No Mic
KZ ZSN PRO X Earphones Black No Mic
KZ ZSN PRO X Earphones Gold With Mic
KZ ZSN PRO X Earphones Black With Mic


Ear hook
Line Length:
Plug Type:
Pin Type:
10mm DD x1 30095 BA x1
*Due to factors such as measurement environment and temperature, it is normal if there are slight tolerances on product parameters.
KZ ZSN PRO X Hybrid technology drive metal earphones

Wire Plugging Schematic

KZ Earphone Pluggin Schematic
Correctly distinguish Right And Left headphones and wires, as shown.
There are left and right logos on the wire, "L" is on the left, and "R" is on the right. The front of the headset is placed with the silicone sleeve facing left to the left and the silicone sleeve facing to the right, which is the right side.
KZ Earphone Pluggin Schematic
The correct assembly of the wire is with the needle head and "L R" logo facing up. Do not assemble the pinhead down, and it will harm sound quality.
KZ Earphone Pluggin Schematic
Point the wire to the plug and push it in until it fits perfectly.
KZ Earphone Pluggin Schematic
Since the wire is a design that does not easily come off, please be careful when inserting or pulling.

Schematic Diagram Of Headset Wearing

KZ Headset Wearing
Correctly distinguish right and left headphones, "L" for left, "R" for right.
KZ Headset Wearing
Straight headphones inserted into the ear, correct wear, comfortable wear, excellent sound insulation performance.
KZ Headset Wearing
Fix the headset wire behind the ear.
KZ Headset Wearing
Press and hold the headset panel to adjust the seal.
KZ Headset Wearing
Adjust earphone wire and fix earphones.
KZ Headset Wearing
Plug the headset plugs into the play-back device and use it to adjust the volume before the headset is plugged into the device.
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