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Bluetooth Earphones
Flagship Level 10-Unit Hybrid Technology Earphones
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Flagship Level 10-Unit
Hybrid Technology
Professional Acoustic Configuration
KZ VX10 10-Unit Hybrid Technology Earphones with charging caseKZ VX10 10-Unit Hybrid Technology Earphones with charging case

1DD+4BA independent frequency divider circuit, external DSP sound blessing

The KZ VX10's balanced armature unit has the characteristics of clear vocals and delicate analysis. The upgraded balanced armature unit has a more sensitive performance. The purity, analysis, extension, and cohesion of the sound have been greatly improved.
KZ VX10 Scheme
Heavy Bass
10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic
Sound Details
2 pcs 50024 mids and highs frequency balanced armatures
Wide Sound Field
2 pcs 30019 high-frequency unit

10MM dual magnetic dynamic low-frequency power strengthened again

Dual magnetic dynamic has better bass and low-frequency extension than ordinary dynamic. Provide a more comprehensive frequency response, inject surging power into the music. KZ VX10 gives you an immersive experience.
KZ VX10 10MM dual magnetic dynamic drive

The sound output is infinitely close to the Harman curve

KZ VX10 Frequency response
* The above data is measured by KZ Acoustics Laboratory. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Stronger Performance And More Stable

Equipped with the function of high-end Bluetooth earphones
Hi-Fi Sound Quality
1DD+4BA Configuration
Ergonomic Design
Physical Noise Reduction
Bluetooth 5.2 high-speed transmission
AAC Audio Encoding
Automatic connection
Independent use
Microphone calls are clearer
Long-distance RF signal stability
The total usage time is about 20 hours
Widely compatible with various Bluetooth devices

Customized ergonomic design shape design

Achieve an excellent physical noise reduction experience
KZ VX10 feels like personal customized earphones that bring a comfortable wearing feeling. After being worn correctly, it can effectively reduce the interference of external environmental noise and enjoy music.
KZ VX10 Earphone in the ear

Bluetooth 5.2 + Game Mode

Triple-click the earphone to switch the mode. Turn on the game mode, and the earphones' delay is as low as 0.058s. Compared to the traditional game mode, the delay is reduced by 70%, and the 3D surround immersive experience.
KZ VX10 Bluetooth 5.2 chip
The signal is stable and continuous with low latency
KZ VX10 Bluetooth Earphone
Ordinary Bluetooth gaming earphone
Ordinary Bluetooth earphone

With charging case 20 hours

Unlimited Listening
KZ VX10's use time is up to 4 hours, with a charging case for continuous listening for 20 hours.
Fully charged
Use time up to 4 hours
With a charging case
You can listen for about 20 hours
KZ VX10 Two earphones with case

High-Performance Touch Sensing

Smart touch, touch is what you want, no mobile phone needed: Last Song, Next Song, Pause.
KZ VX10 Earphone on the grey background
Play / Pause
Click on the earphone
Last Song /Next Song
Double-click on the left/right earphone
Start Siri
Long press for 2 seconds
Click on the earphone
Refuse the call
Long press for 2 seconds when calling
Game mode
Triple-click on the earphone

Product Parameters

Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Range:
~ 15 meters
Frequency response:
Audio codecs:
Charging bin capacity:
Earphone battery capacity:
Earphone battery life:
about 4h
Charging bin battery life:
about 20h
Earphone weight:
Charging case weight:
KZ VX10 Two earphones and case on black background
KZ VX10 Two earphones front viewKZ VX10 Two earphones and case on white backgroundKZ VX10 Two earphones in the charging caseKZ VX10 Two earphones on white background
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KZ VX10 hand-drawn imageKZ VX10 case hand-drawn image