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Incredible acoustic design earphones
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To create high-order sound quality, we reshaped the acoustic structure of metal earphones
KZ ED9 EarphoneKZ ED9 Earphone

Incredible acoustic structure design
We are chasing every detail of sound

Showing details so that it looks natural for consumers and process and technology are real too.
KZ ED9 Inside

Detachable sound chamber out

In KZ ED9, the sound chamber and the main camera are separated from each other. This sound chamber is our unique innovation. We have eliminated the shortcomings of the traditional V-mouth sound chamber design. The range expands before the sound is transmitted to our ears.
KZ ED9 with two sound chambers

Switch to a different sound style

Use different styles of the sound chamber. It can make some musical styles reach unimaginable proportions.

A: A good balanced sound chamber music style.
B: A good bass sound chamber music performance.
KZ ED9 sound chambers
KZ ED9 with different sound chambers

High-end sound quality

KZ ED9 using a vibrating membrane is one of the diaphragms that can cover the whole range in the micro area. With its sensitive and rapid response force, it can be a vocal interpretation of the IF purer, burst out at the same time a very dynamic sense of bass texture, from high to low frequency IF then, reflecting the two-unit, three units.
Other headphones can not match the performance of the coherence smoothness.
KZ ED9 sсhema

Significance of multi-angular surface design, made of pure copper carved

The new chamber uses a very high chromium plating process. With the sound chamber's separation using a unique gold plating process, the entire headset looks dazzling!
KZ ED9 with one eartip

56 core custom-grade Hi-Fi wire, the same level products are very rare

KZ ED9 wire has a 56 core shares LC-OFC oxygen-free copper composition, conducting rate of 99.99999%
KZ ED9 schematic cable view
NOTE: The standard version comes with a different version of the microphone wire. Choose the right one!

Full-directional noise reduction, compatible with most smartphones

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices and mainstream Android phones. It can support hands-free calls and music playback pause switch.Built-in full-directional noise-canceling microphone, which can effectively avoid noise during a call to ensure that high-quality call.
KZ ED9 Remote with mic
Short press — Answer
Press again — Hang up
Long press — Reject
Press once — Pause
Press Two Times — Next song
Press three times — Previous song
KZ ED9 view from different sidesKZ ED9 without eartipKZ ED9 Bottom viewKZ ED9 Both side viewKZ ED9 On a table with removed eartipKZ ED9 Two on tableKZ ED9 On table cable side view
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KZ ED9 wire control hand-drawn imageKZ ED9 wire control hand-drawn image