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Bluetooth 5.3 Qualcomm QCC5171 TWS Earphones


Best-sounding wireless earphone so far
  • Custom-designed 10mm dynamic driver
  • Qualcomm QCC5171
  • Two performance modes
  • CVC 9.0
  • Extremely long battery life

What makes the audio quality of KZ VXS Pro so professional?

KZ VXS Pro is equipped with the high-end Qualcomm flagship Bluetooth chip 5171, which boasts powerful performance with approximately 105dB signal-to-noise ratio. It supports features such as anti-interference, fast connection, and stability. Its advanced chip manufacturing process also results in an ultra-low power consumption of only 4mWh. It also supports 10-level DSP sound effect gain adjustment with a gain range of up to ±8dB.

Professional ergonomic design enables achieving a noise cancellation effect of over 23dB through physical isolation alone, without relying on electronic noise-canceling technology. Comfortable for extended wear, it remains fatigue-free even during long hours and is secure during activities like running.
KZ VXS Pro delivers exceptionally powerful dynamic output performance with an industry-leading dual-chamber dynamic driver unit. Its audio quality surpasses typical Bluetooth earphones, perfectly reproducing various music genres, including bass, vocals, and instrumental music.
KZ VXS Pro next to an open charging case

Powered by DSP (Digital Signal Processing), KZ VXS Pro brings you an audio experience surpassing wired earphone

Traditional wired earphones typically rely on making adjustments to sound through physical means. However, the KZ VXS Pro goes beyond conventional physical tuning to reach its highest potential and further enhances its performance through external DSP processing. In cases where certain frequency ranges cannot be adequately addressed through physical tuning alone, we apply DSP gain. As a result of this comprehensive approach, we achieve a satisfying acoustic experience that sets the KZ VXS Pro apart.
KZ VXS Pro next to smartphone

A signal-to-noise ratio of 105dB allows KZ VXS Pro to outperform 99% of wireless earphones available in the market

A higher signal-to-noise ratio results in lower background noise. While most wireless Bluetooth chips have signal-to-noise ratio data ranging from 88-95dB, the Qualcomm QCC5171 boasts the highest signal-to-noise ratio among all available Bluetooth chips.
Qualcomm QCC5171

The remarkably low power consumption of QCC5171 allows KZ VXS PRO to achieve a single usage time of over 8 hours

The charging case is equipped with a 400mAh high-capacity battery, providing the convenience of charging the earbuds anytime, anywhere, resulting in a total battery life of over 30 hours.
KZ VXS Pro it the open charging case
400 mAh
Charging case
battery capacity
4 times
Charging case
recharge cycles
32 h
Total battery

Innovative High-Performance Gaming Mode

Powered by a dual-core 240MHz DSP processor, it effortlessly meets the low-latency demands of various gaming scenarios. In the high-performance mode, it achieves an ultra-low latency of 58 milliseconds. You'll hardly notice any delay, whether you're listening to music, watching videos, or playing real-time shooting games.
Note: Enabling high-performance mode increases power consumption and affects battery life, so please activate it as needed.
Triple-tap either the left or right earbud to turn the high-performance gaming mode on/off.
KZ VXS Pro next to a gaming smartphone

Bluetooth 5.3 provides faster connections, more stable transmission, and improved sound quality

KZ VXS Pro is equipped with the next-generation 5.3 version of Qualcomm's Bluetooth chip, supporting advanced protocols such as audio LE Audio / Kalimba audio DSPs / Dual 240 MHz Qualcomm / aptX Adaptive / aptX HD Audio / aptX / SBC / AAC. It can intelligently support compatibility with 99% of Bluetooth devices.
Bluetooth 5.3 Art
15-meter transmission range
High compatibility
Zero-latency experience

One-touch control at your fingertips

Smart touch controls, easy operation. Simply tap the earbuds to switch between various functions.
KZ VXS Pro Touch control area
Single tap
Double tap on the
left/right earbud
Activate voice assistant
Long press
for 2 seconds
Single tap
Reject call
Long press during
incoming call
Gaming mode
Triple tap on
left/right earbud

Product Specifications

Brand name:
Product Model:
Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth Chip:
Transmission range:
Approximately 15 meters
Earphones battery life:
Approximately 8 hours
Earphones battery capacity:
Charging case battery capacity:
Charging case recharge cycles:
Approximately 4 times
Charging interface:

Minimalistic, Practical, and Eco-Friendly Packaging Design

Our product doesn't require luxurious packaging for enhancement; the actual performance and results of the product cannot be conveyed through packaging. We promote environmental consciousness, but we won't exploit the concept of environmentalism for excessive profit. This has been one of KZ's core beliefs since its inception.
KZ VXS Pro What's in the box
KZ VXS Pro with charging caseKZ VXS Pro close up
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