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KZ Merga
Dynamic Drivers Earphones
Dual-Dynamic IEM with Excellent Frequency Curve
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KZ Merga

Subverting Conventional Earphone Design Philosophy
Surpassing Professional Sound Quality of Comparable Level
  • Quad-driver sound output
  • Excellent frequency response curve
  • Painless wearing
  • High-resolution tuning
  • Dual-dynamic drivers
  • Transparent exterior design
KZ MergaKZ Merga

KZ Merga Outperforms All Single-Driver Earphones with Advanced Dual-Dynamic Drivers

No single-driver earphone, regardless of price, can achieve the acoustic curve parameters of KZ Merga, allowing it to outperform other single-driver earphones confidently.
Not only must the deviation between 20Hz and 200Hz be controlled to 8dB or higher, but the deviation between 200Hz and 1KHz must also be controlled to within 2dB. Single-driver earphones cannot achieve these data requirements. Only the dual-dynamic driver's acoustic solution, where low-frequency and mid-high frequency division is output by different sound-emitting units, can accomplish this.
KZ Merga graph
Note: The above data are measured by KZ laboratory and may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

Single-Sided Dual-Driver High-Resolution

Creating an All-Round Stereophonic Soundstage
The KZ Merga earphones feature two dynamic drivers: a 10mm super-linear inner magnetic driver for robust, clear bass and an 8mm high-performance driver that delivers crisp, detailed mids and highs. An electronic crossover on the PCB ensures precise frequency separation, enhancing sound clarity and reducing distortions.

The earphones' skin-friendly resin housing and transparent black resin cover look sleek and contribute to superior acoustics, ensuring comfort during extended listening sessions. Each element in the KZ Merga is designed for sound purity and user comfort, making these earphones a top choice for audio enthusiasts.
KZ Merga schema
Transparent black resin cover
10mm super-linear inner magnetic dynamic driver
PCB electronic crossover board
Acoustic structural support
8mm high-performance dynamic driver
Skin-friendly resin cavity
Filter mesh
Soft silicone ear tips

Superior Performance with Advanced Engineering

The Proprietary 8mm Driver's Performance Even Surpasses That of Common 10mm Dynamic Driver.
Showcasing Our Expertise in Acoustic Tuning and Research and Development Capabilities.
Our proprietary 8mm driver outshines the typical 10mm dynamic driver, boasting superior specifications of 33Ω impedance and 104 dB sensitivity. This exceptional performance highlights our expertise in acoustic tuning and research and development. Experience unmatched audio precision that sets new standards in earphone technology.
KZ Merga's two dynamic drivers

Professional Electronic Frequency Division Scheme Ensures That Each Driver Performs at Its Optimal Level

KZ Merga adopts mainstream PCB electronic crossover technology, deeply excavating and fully utilizing the performance potential of each driver. This ensures that each driver works within the most suitable frequency range, whether for bright and extended high frequencies, full and warm mid frequencies, or deep and impactful low frequencies, all of which can be vividly displayed.
KZ Merga PCB electronic crossover

Proprietary Dual Dynamic Driver Acoustic Stacking Structure, Derived from Years of KZ Acoustic Technology Accumulation

The KZ Merga features a unique dual dynamic driver architecture, stacking a 10mm super-linear inner magnetic dynamic driver atop an 8mm high-performance driver. This design offers a compact structure that enhances comfort and delivers exceptional sound quality. The strategic arrangement ensures a smaller, more ergonomic fit while preserving the rich, detailed audio that KZ is known for. Experience the blend of advanced technology and user-centric design with every listen.
KZ Merga acoustic structure
Stacked Structure
Smaller size
More comfortable to wear
8mm High-Performance Dynamic Driver
10mm Super-Linear Inner Magnetic Dynamic Driver

Minimalist Exterior Design Pursuing the Essence of Purity

The cavity is crafted from transparent black resin, resembling pure and radiant black crystals. It showcases the intricate internal structure in full view, fusing technological craftsmanship with transparent aesthetics to create a brilliant sparkle.
KZ Merga cavity design

Sturdy and Durable Replaceable Cable Design

This design allows you to easily replace and upgrade cables, catering to your various earphone usage scenarios and significantly extending the lifespan of your earphones.
KZ Merga replaceable cable design

Classic Ergonomic Design

KZ Merga features an around-the-ear design that conforms better to the shape of the ear. The lightweight resin material of the housing, combined with skin-friendly soft silicone ear tips, provides listeners with a more comfortable wearing experience, allowing them to enjoy music in comfort.
KZ Merga in the ear

Two Cable Version Available

KZ Merga offers two audiophile-grade cable versions: the silver-plated and OFC flat cable versions. The silver-plated cable version adopts the oxygen-free copper surface silver-plating process to enhance the cable's conductivity, delivering music details in a purer, more efficient manner, resulting in a more transparent and bright listening experience. In contrast, the OFC flat cable version retains the original style and sound elements, maintaining a balanced and neutral presentation and providing a rich and smooth listening experience.
Silver-plated cable
KZ Merga Silver-plated cable
OFC cable
KZ Merga OFC cable

Single-Button In-Line Control For Simpler Operations

Streamline your audio experience with the KZ Merga's intuitive single-button in-line remote. Effortlessly manage your music and calls with simple presses:
KZ Merga in-line control
Short press
Hang up
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of KZ's beliefs since its founding.
KZ Merga What's in the box

Product Information

Product model
KZ Merga
Plug type
Pin Type
Cable Type
Silver-plated cable OFC cable
Cable length
Wearing type
Note: The above data are measured by KZ laboratory and may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.
KZ Merga without Mic
KZ Merga without Mic
KZ Merga with Mic
KZ Merga with Mic
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