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KZ PR1 Pro
Planar Technology
Newly upgraded 13.2mm
Planar Driver Earphones
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KZ PR1 Pro

Second Generation 13.2mm
Planar Magnetic IEM
Nanoscale silver-plated circuit diaphragm
8-strand 200 cores high purity silver-plated cable
KZ PR1 ProKZ PR1 Pro on a stand

Newly upgraded 13.2mm planar unit

Once again, we opened a huge gap with people trying to catch up with us.
The completely self-developed 13.2mm planar unit has ushered in a new upgrade. Based on the theoretical multiple of acoustics, we have improved the performance experienced by about 50%. The improved performance will become easier to drive, and the sound quality will be advance again. The overall performance of the KZ PR1 planar unit applied at this stage has been outstanding among similar products, and the new KZ PR1 Pro 13.2MM planar unit after this upgrade will be far beyond the crowd of others.

Note: In acoustic theory, when the sensitivity of the earphone is increased by 6dB, its performance is doubled. Compared with KZ PR1, the sensitivity of KZ PR1 Pro is increased by more than 3dB at 1kHz, so its performance increased by 50% around.
KZ PR1 Pro schema
0.75mm gold-plated pin
Lightweight alloy cover
Metal protective mesh
Resin support structure
Independent tuning cavity
Resin support structure
N52H magnet array
Nanoscale diaphragm
PCB diaphragm frame
N52H magnet array
Metal protective mesh
Front cavity
Memory foam ear tips with sound insulation
  • Higher sensitivity brings wider equipment compatibility and requires less input power.
  • High sensitivity is not expected to be achieved through simple tuning, which requires very precise component technology and high magnetic flux to the magnetic circuit design.
  • With the same input power and volume, the distortion rate of highly sensitive headphones is much lower than that of products with low sensitivity. It can easily show high-quality sound at a reasonable listening volume without fully loading.

What is the real planar unit?

1. From the acoustic performance, because of the inherent advantages of the structure of the planar unit compared to the dynamic unit without excess split vibration, the planar unit's high frequency and ultra-high frequency performance are far superior to the dynamic unit. Because a very thin wire generates the vibration of the Balanced Armature unit to the diaphragm to produce sound, the balanced armature unit is not destined to withstand large currents and large vibrations. Thus the low-frequency performance of the balanced armature unit could be more satisfactory. But the planar unit can efficiently perform very low bass frequencies and a large stroke because there is no fixed voice coil or solid connection to drive. Through the above arguments, the planar unit is beyond the existence of dynamic and balanced armature in terms of acoustic quality.

2. ln terms of product material, the most expensive material for manufacturing planar units is the diaphragm, and the thickness of this diaphragm is only 2-8 microns on average. The main reason for making this diaphragm expensive is that the circuit is to be plated on the diaphragm with a silver plating process on such a thin diaphragm, and the precision of the circuit needs to be controlled within 2 microns. Therefore, it is easy to have a high scrap rate in the production process. Another is the planar unit's magnetic circuit system is very complex. The traditional dynamic unit and balanced armature unit are generally built-in only 1-2 magnets, while the planar unit's average is starting design to 14 magnets. Of course, this number is far greater than the dynamic and balanced armature units. The advantages are very obvious. It brings a powerful resolution and wide sound field for the planar unit.

3. From the manufacturing process, because the number of parts used is much higher than the dynamic and balanced armature unit, and the production process is made of strict precision requirements than the former, the manufacturing of planar units is very complex. Compared to the production process of dynamic and balanced armature units, planar units have additional processes such as diaphragm shaping, diaphragm secondary pressing, magnetic circuit calibration, connection impedance testing, etc. These will make the traditional dynamic and balanced armature unit manufacturers helpless.

A combination of the above three aspects constitutes the main reason that determines the price of the planar unit is much higher than the dynamic and balanced armature units. However, its excellent acoustic performance is also destined to be the hobby of a few people positioned in the high-end Hi-Fi market.
KZ PR1 Pro Planar driver schema
The array of 14 N52H magnets
Silver plating circuit process

Original Product Design Intention

Making real planar unit earphones, so more people to enjoy of Hi-Fi
In the past, some Hi-Fi brands set the pricing of planar unit earphones at hundreds or even thousands of dollars, earning high windfall profits. KZ has been developing its planar units since last year, changing the traditional design ways and not relying on external supply chains. The main intention is to turn the joy of planar units, which only a few people have, into the joy of Hi-Fi that everyone can easily experience. This time, we have made great progress in the research and development of planar units. From the perspective of the overall acoustic quality of planar units, we are no longer suitable for comparison with other high-priced similar products. Still, we look down on them from an absolute height.

Ergonomic + Unique Innovative Hi-Fi Style Design

The all-metal porous air guide surface shell highlights the professional Hi-Fi properties—a finely polished ergonomic design for long-term wear.
KZ PR1 Pro in the male ear

Excellent detail restoration to present high-fidelity music

Thanks to the inherent advantages of the planar unit, the sensitivity of KZ PR1 Pro at high-frequency is better than that of traditional earphones, which enables KZ PR1 Pro to present higher-density sound and detail restoration.
KZ PR1 Pro Frequency response
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Personalized interface design

2Pin gold-plated plug-in structure
Thanks to the inherent advantages of the planar unit, the sensitivity of KZ PR1 Pro at high-frequency is better than that of traditional earphones, which enables KZ PR1 Pro to present higher-density sound and detail restoration.
KZ PR1 Pro 2Pin connector

Standard 8-strand braided silver-plated upgrade cable

The KZ PR1 Pro comes with an 8-strand, 200-core silver-plated upgrade cable for delicate natural sound. The multi-strand braiding process effectively shields signal interference, reduces distortion rate, and ensures lossless sound quality transmission.
Standard 8-strand braided silver-plated upgrade cable

Thermoplastic slow-rebound memory foam ear tips

Targeted physical structure optimization, filter out excess high-frequency soft and resilient material, improve the comfort of wearing. Thermoplastic features make a more fit ear canal, bringing excellent noise cancellation and sound insulation effects.
Thermoplastic slow-rebound memory foam ear tips
Noise cancellation
Improve treble
Wearing comfortable

It has been used for 10 years

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging
We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of the beliefs of KZ since its founding.
KZ PR1 Pro What in the box


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KZ PR1 Pro
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Standard 8-strand braided silver-plated upgrade cable
KZ PR1 Pro
KZ PR1 Pro without MIC
KZ PR1 Pro without MIC
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KZ PR1 Pro with MIC
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