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Bluetooth Earphones
1BA+1DD Hybrid Technology Bluetooth 5.2 Earphone


Professional wireless earphones from the future
KZ SK10 Professional wireless earphoneKZ SK10 Professional wireless earphone
KZ SK10 Black color
KZ SK10 White color
KZ SK10 Pink color
New Bluetooth 5.2
26H long battery life
HD lossless sound quality
HD call
Smart touch
Free switching between master and slave

The charging case is more compact

Mini and lightweight, put it in your pocket. The whole machine weighs only about 57g, and the earphone is about 6g.
KZ SK10 Next to the charging case
The size of the charging case is smaller than the KZ SKS charging case, and the shape is simple and unexpectedly mini.
KZ SK10 Charging case comparison with KZ SKS

Stunning is more than just appearance

Powerful chip, more performance
Bluetooth 5.2 | HD microphone | Master-slave switch
10mm composite diaphragm drive unit
Automatically connect back
KZ SK10 transparent body

New Bluetooth 5.2

Less delay, lower power consumption, more stable signal
KZ SK 10 synchronizes the transmission of music, video, and games.
Refuse to delay, refuse to freeze, refuse to wait.
KZ SK10 Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.2
Stable performance
Stereo audio

Hybrid Technology
bring a better sound quality experience

KZ SK10 has a customized sound unit with a high-sensitivity analysis of sound.
The original stereo sound is in your ears.
KZ SK10 schematic
10mm composite diaphragm drive unit
Bring a wide stereo field. Adapt to the needs of various musical instruments.
30019 balanced armature unit
Supplement high-frequency ductility and show rich details.

Luxury metal frame

The KZ SK10 case combines glue craft and metal, the coexistence of texture and appearance.
KZ SK10 Metal frame

Worry about battery life?

Extra-long battery life of 26 hours
KZ SK10 has a built-in high-capacity lithium battery. The earphone use time is about 6.5h, and the battery life can reach about 26h when used with the charging case.
KZ SK10 Battery life
About 6.5 hours
Earphone use time
About 4 times
The charging case can charge the earbuds
About 26 hours
Total battery life of the earphone
*The above data is measured by KZ Acoustics Laboratory. Actual use may be slightly different according to specific conditions.

Do you want to win the game?

Refuse any delay!
Turn on high-performance mode instantly
Tap 3 times to enter high-performance game mode.
Delay as low as 40ms. Go straight to the goal!
KZ SK10 with a character from the game
KZ SK10 game mode: about 40ms
The transmission speed is more than 3 times faster than ordinary earphones.
Ordinary Bluetooth earphones: about 150ms
No video and audio synchronization. Bad gaming experience.

Physical noise reduction

Block the noise, listen to a good sound.
KZ SK10 in ear

Touch operation at your fingertips

Tap the earphone to recognize the instructions, and the functions are at your fingertips.
KZ SK10 Touch control
Icon Play/Pause
Click the touch key
Icon Previous / Next song
Previous / Next song
Double-click the left/right touch key
Icon Start Siri
Start Siri
Long press for 2 seconds
Icon Answer / hang up a call
Answer / hang up a call
Click the touch key
Icon Reject call
Reject call
Long press touch key
Icon Game mode
Game mode
Click three times touch key

Strong compatibility

KZ SK10 can be used as long as there is Bluetooth function
Mobile phones, iPad, and computers can all be connected. Memory pairing. Automatic connection after power on. No need to reconnect.
Android logo
IOS logo
KZ SK10 next to many devices

Extraordinary Design bring you inimitable experience

Simple style. Excellent color matching. Innovative craft aesthetics with a unique aesthetic.
KZ SK10 White with charging caseKZ SK10 Black with charging caseKZ SK10 Pink with charging case


Product model
Earphones type
TWS true wireless
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth range
Earphone use time
Earphone battery capacity
Charging case capacitу
Charges case contain
~4 times
Earphone weight
Charging case weight
*The above data is measured by KZ Acoustics Laboratory. Actual use may be slightly different according to specific conditions.
KZ SK10 Three colors - white, black and pink
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KZ SK10 box hand-drawn imageKZ SK10 hand-drawn image