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Planar Technology
13.2mm Planar Driver
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New Dual-Cavity Planar Diaphragm driver
The great breakthrough in acoustics
13.2mm planar driver
Replaceable plug design
Metal inlay process

Core Highlights of KZ PR1

Nanoscale Diaphragm
Two tuning versions to choose
Aluminum alloy cover
Comfortable to wear
Smart line-control
2 Pin socket

Newly developed 13.2mm dual-cavity planar unit

KZ PR1 is equipped with a new planar unit, the high frequency and ultra-high frequency response is far superior to the traditional balanced armature and dynamic unit. It adopts an ultra-thin silver-plated diaphragm and independent acoustic cavity of the N55 double-sided magnetic circuit array system. This unit brings fast and accurate responses and gentle and transparent sounds.
KZ PR1 planar unit scheme
4 reasons to choose KZ PR1
Low distortion rate
Wide sound field
Excellent ductility
Better transient response

Exquisite shape

Full of ingenuity
KZ PR1 adopts a hollowed-out aluminum alloy cover with a transparent black resin cavity. KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition adopts a higher-cost electroplating bottom shell, with the dual advantages of lightness and metallic texture.
KZ PR1 black and grey with signatures

Precision structure

Strict quality selection
Each component is uniquely designed to maximize the performance of the planar unit. Strictly control the quality of products and maintain product consistency.
KZ PR1 schema
Aluminum alloy cover
Decorative mesh
Upper inner shell
Decorative mesh
13.2mm planar unit
Electroplating cavity
Silicone ear tip

We committed to tuning, just for pure good sound

The senior tuner team has fine-tuned the three-frequency connection ratio thousands of times, bringing the acoustic crystallization of the frequency response curve with clear layers.
KZ PR1 without ear tips
KZ PR1 frequency response
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

Comfortable and stable to wear

In-ear design, 45° inclined into the ear, 270° fit the auricle, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of music comfortably.
KZ PR1 in male ear

Upgraded 2 Pin plug design

0.75mm standard gold-plated plug, widely applicable to 2 Pin cable. You can change the cable of KZ PR1 freely to increase the cable's service life and expandability.
KZ PR1 2Pin plug

OFC silver-plated flat cable

Not easy to knot and more durable
The high-purity oxygen-free copper wire core provides efficient transmission efficiency, and the silver-plated layer on the surface of the wire core can reduce signal attenuation, laying a solid foundation for the overall sound output performance of KZ PR1.

Smart line-control

HD-Call Microphone
KZ PR1 has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone for high-definition call quality. One button controls play/pause, previous/next song, and voice assistant.
Efficient pickup effect
Smart button
KZ PR1 line control
Short press
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song


Product model
Plug type
Pin Type
Cable Type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length
Wearing type
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition on dark background
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition on white background
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition on white background
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition without MIC
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition Mic
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition with MIC
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition without MIC
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition Mic
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition with MIC

What is a real planar diaphragm unit?

The planar diaphragm unit differs from the traditional balanced armature and dynamic unit. Its coil is integrated into the thin diaphragm, the permanent magnet is on one or both sides of the diaphragm, and the changing current in the coil drives the diaphragm to vibrate in the magnetic field. Some so-called "planar units" look like planar units in shape, but they still have a traditional coil structure similar to that used in a dynamic unit under the diaphragm. This type of product is not a real planar unit.

What are the advantages of planar earphones?

Because there is no voice coil with substantial weight, the high frequency, and ultra-high frequency of planar earphones are far superior to the balanced armature and dynamic earphones. The coil evenly distributed on the entire diaphragm, combined with the planar magnet array, can distribute the diaphragm's driving force evenly. The motion state of the diaphragm is ideal. It effectively eliminates most of the split vibration and achieves the effect of excellent extension, good transient, and minor distortion.

What is burn-in, and how does it work?

Burn-in is a measure to quickly stabilize the performance of equipment. Burn-in is warming the diaphragm ring. The diaphragm ring of the new earphone has unstable mechanical compliance, resulting in relatively large distortion. After a period of use, compliance gradually changes. Well, the distortion will also drop progressively to normal levels. Of course, the above effect can also be achieved through natural listening, and the burn-in is just a more efficient means for users to choose.
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition
KZ PR1 Balanced Edition on a circle background
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition
KZ PR1 Hi-Fi Edition on a circle background
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