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KZ Symphony
Hybrid Technology
13.2mm Planar Driver + 6mm Dynamic Driver Earphones
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KZ Symphony

Extraordinary Auditory Experience
Perfect Fusion of Planar and Dynamic Technologies
13.2mm self-developed planar driver + 6mm high-performance dynamic driver
KZ SymphonyKZ Symphony

Six Key Advantages of KZ Symphony

Hybrid Technology of Planar and Dynamic Drivers
13.2mm Self-developed Planar Driver
6mm High-performance Dynamic Driver
Outstanding Acoustic Tuning
High-precision 3D Printed Housing
Classic Ergonomic Design

The Planar Driver Brings an Exceptionally Wide Soundstage That Traditional Drivers Cannot Achive

The unique acoustic structure of the planar unit gives it inherent advantages over traditional dynamic drivers in terms of high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency performance. Not only does it deliver an extraordinarily impactful and expansive soundstage experience, but it also excels in the resolution of fine audio details.
KZ Symphony's structure

Compensates for the Planar Driver's Lack in Bass with the Dynamic Driver

KZ Symphony's 6mm high-performance dynamic driver perfectly complements its 13.2mm planar driver, enriching the bass that planar units typically lack. This fusion ensures a balanced, full-bodied sound across all frequencies, offering an immersive and detailed auditory experience.
KZ Symphony two drivers
13.2mm Self-developed Planar Driver
6mm High-performance Dynamic Driver

The Fusion of Two Technologies Brings Astonishing Acoustic Effects

The frequency response curve shows that KZ Symphony is undoubtedly an industry benchmark for low, mid, high, and ultra-high frequencies.
KZ Symphony graph
*KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.

The Hollow Shell Design Increases the Transducer Efficiency of the Drivers

The hollow shell design of KZ Symphony enhances transducer efficiency, delivering sound more powerfully and reducing vibrations for clearer audio. This optimization ensures precise sound reproduction across both planar and dynamic drivers.
KZ Symphony without cable

High-precision full-resin 3D-printed Housing

KZ Symphony's housing utilizes a high-precision resin 3D printing process, creating four independent sound conduits. Unlike traditional molding processes, 3D printing technology significantly enhances the accuracy and uniformity of complex cavity structures, achieving intricate internal designs.
KZ Symphony housing

Classic Ergonomic Design

KZ Symphony's form is based on years of in-depth research into the human ear structure, adhering to ergonomic design principles for a secure and stable fit. The memory foam ear tips, known for their slow rebound characteristics, enhance the earphones' sealing, providing increased comfort and higher softness.
KZ Symphony in the ear

Low Impedance Setting Makes It Easier to Unleash the Full Potential of KZ Symphony

With low impedance, KZ Symphony can be effortlessly driven by devices with lower power output, expanding compatibility and bringing Hi-Fi audio closer to everyday scenarios.
KZ Symphony next to mp3 player

Simplified One-Touch Operation

Multi-Function Single-Button In-Line Control
Built-in microphone for clear voice capture, ensuring phone calls are as lifelike as face-to-face conversations.
KZ Symphony multi-function single-button
Long press
Decline a call
Press twice
Next song
Press 3 times
Last song
Short press

Crafted with Meticulous Attention to Detail

Meeting Industry-High Standards
With years of earphone mass production experience, we rigorously control every production process, conducting strict testing and inspection of all performance indicators to ensure our products' stable and reliable quality.
KZ Symphony Comes with Professional High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable
The silver-plated cable can reduce signal attenuation, ensuring high-fidelity audio output. Its elastic skin is skin-friendly and not easy to knot or age.
High-purity silver-plated cable
Thermoplastic memory foam ear tips
Thermoplastic Slow-Rebound Memory Foam Ear Tips
It is made from a soft rebound material, is skin-friendly, and is ear-adherent. When worn correctly, it provides effective noise cancellation for an enhanced audio experience.
2Pin Gold-Plated Plug-In Structure Design
The replaceable cable design allows you to easily upgrade and replace cables, significantly extending the lifespan of the earphones.
KZ Symphony with replaceable cable

Product Information

Product model
KZ Symphony
Plug type
Pin type
Cable type
Silver-plated cable
Cable length
Wearing type
Note: The above data were measured by KZ laboratory and may vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

Simple, practical, and environment-friendly packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of KZ's beliefs since its founding.
KZ Symphony What's in the box
KZ Symphony No Mic
KZ Symphony without mic
KZ Symphony With Mic
KZ Symphony with mic
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