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Immensely popular mega-selling earphone
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KZ ED Special Edition

An immensely popular mega-selling earphone. Millions of sales, leading the sound quality revolution.
KZ ED EarphoneKZ ED Earphone

Intransigent quality

KZ ED Special Edition is designed for the mass consumer and guarantees good quality. It is manufactured using a high-end front sound cavity copper plating process and aluminum alloy rear cavity anodic oxidation. These earbud's lifespan is 2-3 times longer than that of conventional earbuds.
KZ ED Rear view

Professional 6N OFC cable

99.9% OFC cable. High strength, good toughness, heat resistance, high tensile strength, winding preventing.

Optimized balance damping structure for a purer audio experience

The diaphragm's sound waves are reflected by the sound chamber's wall back onto the diaphragm, interfering with sound restoration in the earphone. The damping system disperses the reflected sound waves and reduces their effects on the diaphragm. The KZ ED Special Edition has changed from KZ ED2 earphone's nylon material to polymer damping materials. To promote diaphragm vibrate more naturally, range to be.
KZ ED Inside

Sound quality paramount

We have been focused on this always.
KZ ED 8 mm driver unit
KZ ED Special Edition has an 8mm special driver unit with powerful bass, stable mids, and clear treble. This is the consensus of many users in recent years.

Quality revolution

With new upgraded 8mm driver.
KZ ED First generation schema
KZ ED Second generation schema
KZ ED Frequency response schedule

Always persist in the original to design conscience headphones quality upgrade

As early as 2013, we have successfully designed this earphone and ODM for many brands. We have updated it constantly, now been a welcomed model of KZ products.
KZ ED One front view one rear view
KZ ED L-plug

Design of L-bending plug

The service life of the earphone can be greatly extended, easy to use.

You're not the first one to appreciate it

These earphones have long been praised by users all over the world.
KZ ED Customers photo
KZ ED Near playerKZ ED On playerKZ ED On player close viewKZ ED On tableKZ ED On leather surfaceKZ ED Side and bottom viewKZ ED Left and right side view
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