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16-units Hybrid Technology Earphone
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Brand New 16-Unit Hybrid Technology Flagship Earphone
KZ ZAS combines a new Acoustic Cavity Structure + a New Generation of High-Performance Balanced Armature.
Create a higher matching value with the dynamic unit.
It is the qualitative soaring of sound performance again!
KZ ZAS 16-Unit Hybrid Technology Flagship EarphoneKZ ZAS 16-Unit Hybrid Technology Flagship Earphone

Real hardcore parameter configuration

16-unit professional hybrid technology earphone
A 10mm dual magnetic dynamic plus 7 balanced armature units combine to form a solid sounding power. There is the low-frequency atmosphere of the dynamic and the bright analysis and cohesion of the balanced armature.
KZ ZAS schematic
50024s BA combination
PCB crossover board
30019 high-frequency BA
10mm dual magnetic dynamic

A new generation of high-performance BA

Specially designed for KZ ZAS, the 50024s BA combination covers the mid/high-frequency range and above.
The balanced armature combination inherently has a wide sound field and powerful analysis. It is widely applicable to various music, suitable for playing a large-scale symphony, chamber strings, pop vocals, and other music types.
KZ ZAS 50024s BA
KZ ZAS 30019 BA
30019 high frequency balanced armature, the details of vocal music are clear
The addition of the 30019 balanced armature, matched with the 50024s balanced armature set, through fine current adjustment, transient, dynamic, and vocal are all bright spots, which greatly improves the high-frequency ductility.

Double magnetic circuit dynamic

Excellent Bass, Pure Sound
The dual magnetic dynamic with a diameter of 10mm, shows rich low-frequency power, provides a comprehensive frequency response, and brings an immersive sound quality experience.
KZ ZAS Double magnetic circuit dynamic

Reconstructed acoustic cavity structure

Precisely modify the sound details of each segment
The energy of each frequency is evenly distributed and designed to reasonably control the amplitude of the diaphragm movement and accurately present the transient characteristics of the music signal.
KZ ZAS acoustic cavity structure

Professional electronic crossover adjustment

Years of technology precipitation, every frequency is worthy of appreciation.
KZ ZAS frequency response
* The above data is measured by KZ Acoustics Laboratory. Actual use may be slightly different according to specific conditions.

Not only ergonomic design but also a model of exquisite craftsmanship design

Luxurious craftsmanship. KZ ZAS shines like a diamond. Brand new bright color, the unique texture of metal, and the luster of resin craftsmanship. KZ ZAS is more unique.
KZ ZAS design
Metal frame
Resin technology
KZ ZAS black and white covers

Exchangeable cable design

With Bluetooth Cable become a TWS wireless earphone at any time
2 Pin interchangeable cable design brings more ways to use KZ ZAS earphone.

* Bluetooth upgrade cable and silver-plated upgrade cable are all sold in the store. You can buy it by yourself.
KZ ZAS with KZ AZ09 BT Ear hook

Full of sincerity

Just for higher quality
Unlike previous earphones, KZ ZAS comes with a 200-core silver-plated cable, which improves sound quality and transparency, reduces distortion, and brings more details.
KZ ZAS cable magnification
8 strands 200 cores silver-plated cable
KZ ZAS 200-core silver-plated cable

Big data sampling

Stable wearing, not picky about ears
Sampling over ten thousand ear canal data analysis, thereby achieving the effect of wearing comfort and realizing long-term daily use and wearing.
KZ ZAS in the ear

Two Colors

Meet individual needs
KZ ZAS is designed according to the mainstream colors of the market, the gorgeous color, stunning the audience.
KZ ZAS White and KZ ZAS Black


Plug Type
Pin Type
Line Length
Wire control
No Mic/With Mic
Unit type
10mm dual magnetic dynamic
50024s BA combination x3
30019 high-frequency BA x1
KZ ZAS without cable
KZ ZAS near the smartphoneKZ ZAS on laptop
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