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KZ Z1 Pro
Bluetooth Earphones
Wireless Bluetooth 5.2
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KZ Z1 Pro

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Unlike Conventional Wireless Earphones
KZ Z1 Pro Wireless Bluetooth EarphoneKZ Z1 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Bluetooth 5.2
Master-slave switch
Automatically connect
High-Performance Game Mode
Touch operation
Long battery life
AAC Transmission
Comfortable to wear
Start Siri

Summon new voices from the inside out

With the new dynamic sound unit, the sound quality brings a high-quality level, which significantly enhances the bass power, vocal penetration, and rich detail expression.
KZ Z1 Pro Earphones near charging box

Chip upgrade Bluetooth 5.2
Stable like wired earphones

Chip upgrades from regular Bluetooth 5.0 to version 5.2 bring longer battery life and reduce the power consumption from the original 8 mA per hour to about 5 mA per hour.
KZ Z1 Pro Bluetooth 5.2 chip

Faster mechanism
Upgrade response

Upgrade to double host and double mechanism, eliminate conventional single host, master-slave switching mechanism.
Enjoy a more unfettered wireless experience.
KZ Z1 Pro Front view

No sense low delay
Strength will be stronger

Game mode on, a low delay can achieve about 40 ms, this data,lt is better than most wireless gaming headsets advertised as gaming concepts.
KZ Z1 Pro in box next to the smartphone

IPX6 waterproof performance
Bring a better experience

New KZ Z1 Pro supports IPX6 class waterproof, multiple processes to prevent Rain Water sweat damage, Sweat arbitrarily, and no exercise limit.
KZ Z1 Pro IPX6 Waterproof

Turn on automatically when you take it out, easily matched

KZ Z1 Pro turns on automatically when you take it out. Pairing is automatically performed when you are connecting it for the first time.
While it connects again, it will automatically connect back to the phone. The connection is straightforward and saving time and worry.
KZ Z1 Pro Bottom view
Answer/hang up a call
Click the touch key
Reject call
Long press touch key
Start Siri
Long press for 2 seconds
Play / Pause
Click the touch key
Previous/Next song
Double-click the left/right touch key

Detailed Function
Configuration List

KZ Z1 Pro
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Range
20m (Affected by the environment)
Frequency Response
Earphone Weight
Charging Bin Weight
Earphone Power
Charging Bin Power
KZ Z1 Pro Dimensional drawing
Contact information
Service Hours:9:00-21:00
Service Hotline
B2B cooperation
2nd Floor, Building A, Longchang MicroPort Park, No.26 Hantang Street, Gutou Community, Dongcheng, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
KZ Z1 Pro hand-drawn imageKZ Z1 Pro hand-drawn image