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Bluetooth 5.4 Ear hooks
TWS Bluetooth 5.4 2MIC ENC AAC Ear hooks
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Professionally Designed Wireless Ear Hook Upgrade Module for Hi-Fi IEMs
  • Newly Bluetooth Version 5.4
  • AAC High-Definition Decoding
  • Dual Microphone ENC Technology
  • 20-Hour Long Battery Life

Wired to Wireless in Seconds

Pluggable Bluetooth Upgrade Earhook
The KZ AE01 charging case has a large internal space reserved, which can easily accommodate most of the earphones on the market. The charging case has a built-in Hall switch, which can be opened and closed for easy connection. The KZ AE01 adopts a 0.75mm 2-pin socket, compatible with commonly seen 2-pin 0.75mm/0.78mm plug-in earphones on the market.
KZ AE01 in the charging box
Note: The earphone in the picture is only for display purposes, and this product does not include the earphone.

Excellent Performance

KZ AE01 Delivers Wire-Comparable Sound Quality
It is well known that transmission speed has always been the greatest obstacle to wireless earphones' sound quality. The KZ AE01, adopting the latest Bluetooth 5.4 version, supports a data transfer rate of up to 48 Mbit/s. This allows you to effortlessly enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality comparable to wired earphones at all times.
KZ AE01 Bluetooth 5.4 module

Independent DSP Acoustic Algorithm

To achieve more professional sound performance, the KZ AE01 is equipped with an internal DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip that integrates advanced acoustic algorithms meticulously tuned by the KZ audio engineering team. This ensures exceptional audio quality and listening experience in various scenarios.
DSP logo

Bluetooth Version 5.4

The Connection Is Faster and More Stable!
Bluetooth 5.4 has seen significant improvements and optimizations across multiple domains compared to Bluetooth 5.3. Not only has it enhanced transmission efficiency and ensured more stable connections, but it has also greatly reduced power consumption and bolstered compatibility. These improvements give users a superior experience across various application scenarios, allowing them to enjoy smoother, more convenient, and efficient Bluetooth connectivity services.
Bluetooth 5.4 chip
Bluetooth 5.4 VS Bluetooth 5.2
Connection range
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.4
Transmission speed
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.4
Battery power consumption
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.4

Professional AAC Advanced Encoding Transmission

AAC-encoded Bluetooth transmission provides a high-quality audio transmission experience due to its high sound quality, high compression rate, multi-channel support, high resolution, and efficient decoding. Whether listening to music, watching videos, or making voice calls, AAC can provide clear, smooth, and stable audio effects.
AAC logo

Dual-Microphone ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) Technology

ENC noise cancellation technology is a comprehensive and efficient solution for eliminating environmental noise. Utilizing two microphones positioned in different locations to detect external noise can accurately calculate the direction of the sound source during a call. This technology significantly reduces echo interference during calls and effectively suppresses various surrounding noises. Compared to CVC noise cancellation technology, ENC noise cancellation technology demonstrates more significant advantages in noise reduction effectiveness, applicability, and compatibility.
ENC logo and graph

Quiet Enough for Immersion

Dual-microphone ENC ensures comfortable listening experiences and is suitable for various scenarios such as outdoor music enjoyment, gaming, and daily commuting.
Woman listening to music with KZ AE01
Listening to music
Woman playing game with KZ AE01
Playing games
Woman calling with KZ AE01
Note: The earphone in the picture is only for display purposes and this product does not include the earphone.

Anti-Interference Sealed Chamber Design

To achieve an excellent calling experience, we spared no expense in designing independent sealed chambers for the two microphones. These chambers effectively isolate internal circuit interference and external electromagnetic interference, allowing them to capture external noise signals more accurately to optimize ENC call noise cancellation effects. As a result, the KZ AE01 significantly improves call quality, delivering a clear and pure voice communication experience for users.
KZ AE01 2MIC design schema

Advanced Chip Process, Low Power Consumption, Long-lasting Battery Life

Thanks to the advanced manufacturing process of the Bluetooth chip and the ultra-low power consumption of Bluetooth 5.4, a full charge provides up to 20 hours of continuous listening, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted auditory experience anytime, anywhere.
Single battery life
Total battery life
Charging case battery capacity
KZ AE01 Battery charging art

Innovative Triple Performance Modes

KZ AE01 offers three KZ's original performance modes: Gaming Mode, Standard Mode, and Bass Boost Mode. With a simple triple tap on the right earbud, you can switch between Gaming Mode and Standard Mode, ensuring a stable connection for seamless gaming experiences. A triple tap on the left earbud switches to Bass Boost Mode, enhancing low-frequency performance for a truly immersive bass experience.
Gaming Mode
Zero-delay experience
Standard Mode
Applicable to various styles of music
Full-Power Mode
Hi-Fi sound quality experience

Full Link Ultra-Low Latency

Technology Brings You a Seamless Delay Experience
KZ AE01 adopts a new generation of intelligent frequency modulation signal anti-interference technology, enhancing the signal's penetration. Compared to the previous generation, Bluetooth 5.3, the overall latency has been significantly reduced. Through continuous optimization by engineers, the KZ AE01 full link latency is much lower than the peer average, and the stability of the connection has been enhanced. The sound and graphics are presented synchronously in intense game battles and quiet moments of watching TV shows, bringing you a smoother and more natural experience.
KZ AE01 on a wet surface

Skin-Friendly Flexible TPU Material

For a More Comfortable Wearing Experience
The KZ AE01's ear hooks are made of skin-friendly flexible TPU material, molded in one piece, providing excellent resilience and softness. Combined with the ergonomic design, there is no feeling of pressure even when worn for long periods, providing exceptional comfort to the user.
KZ AE01 flexible ear hook

One-Touch Control Puts All Operations at Your Fingertips

We simplify the user experience by eliminating unnecessary buttons and making operations more straightforward and convenient.
KZ AE01 with the charging box
Click once
Last/Next Song
Start Siri
Long press for 2s
Hang up/Answer
Click once
Long press
Note: Some functions vary by device.

Product Information

Product model
Product type
TWS Bluetooth 5.4 Ear Hook
Pin type
0.75mm 2-Pin
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.4
Bluetooth range
Earphone playing time
Earhooks battery capacity
Charging case battery
KZ AE01 Charging box sizeKZ AE01 Ear hook size

Simple, Practical, and Environment-friendly Packaging

We believe that products do not need to be packaged in luxury because the actual performance of products can not be presented in packaging. We advocate environmental protection, but we will not make high profits in the name of environmentalism, which has been one of KZ's beliefs since its founding.
KZ AE01 What's in the box
KZ AE01 next to charging box
Note: The earphone in the picture is only for display purposes, and this product does not include the earphone.
KZ AE01 with charging box next to smartphone
Note: The earphone in the picture is only for display purposes, and this product does not include the earphone.
KZ AE01 next to smartphone
Note: The earphone in the picture is only for display purposes, and this product does not include the earphone.
KZ AE01 on a white background
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