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Balanced Armature
24-unit high-level earphone
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24 unit top-level configuration
Refresh the range of
cognition again
KZ AST 24 unit top-level configuration earphoneKZ AST 24 unit top-level configuration earphone
12 units balanced armature combination
3-Channel leading tone tube
Silver-plated cable
Electronic crossover
Comfortable to wear
Pluggable design
Passive noise
HD microphone
Zinc alloy cover

Create a professional listening experience

Say goodbye to the previous generation of traditional BA and adopt the second generation of high-performance BA.
KZ AST Schema
High-frequency matrix balanced armature combination
30019s high-frequency balanced armature
29689s medium-frequency balanced armature
22955s low-frequency balanced armature
PC resin shell
Soft silicone earplugs
Zinc alloy cover
30095s high-frequency balanced armature
PCB crossover board
30017s medium and high frequency balanced armature combination
3D printed balanced armature sound cavity
Metal nozzle

High-frequency matrix BA combination

The KZ AST earphone is equipped with a high-frequency matrix BA combination designed and developed independently. Significantly improve high-frequency performance and show various details in the music.
KZ AST High-frequency matrix BA combination

New upgrade of the new generation of BA

First Upgrade

The new 30017s balanced armature combination makes a rapid increase in medium and high frequency.
KZ AST First Upgrade

Second Upgrade

KZ AST uses the new type of balanced armature units 30095s and 30019s. The high frequency is instantaneously improved, showing rich details.
KZ AST Second Upgrade

Third Upgrade

KZ AST has a deep optimization of the middle-frequency with the new 29689s balanced armature unit.
KZ AST Third Upgrade

Fourth Upgrade

The low-frequency energy of the new 22955s balanced armature unit is equivalent to three ordinary balanced armatures.
KZ AST Fourth Upgrade

Rigorous quality requires the precision of the ear shell to reach ±0.03

Just to create more professional products.
KZ AST Ear Shell

Streamlined surface made of zinc alloy

The zinc alloy material is polished by five-axis CNC and polished by professional craftsmen, making the surface cover a streamlined curved surface and full of sense of technology.
KZ AST made of zinc alloy

Re-establish industry standards

Combining 12 balanced armature units on one side and detailed acoustic adjustment makes the human voice rich, soft, and not harsh. The high frequency is smooth and natural. KZ AST bringing out the superior sound quality.
Tolerance of unit curve Industry Standard
Tolerance of unit curve KZ Standard
KZ AST Frequency Response
KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different according to specific conditions.

Smaller size and ergonomic design, suitable for diversified wearing scenarios

The contour curve of the KZ AST earphone conforms to the shape of the human ear cochlea. It is matched with soft silicone earplugs and an ear-hook design, worn for a long time.
KZ AST In ear

2PIN pluggable design

The 0.75mm gold-plated pin insert and pull structure independently developed expands more practical ways to meet individual needs through replacement and upgrading of cables.
KZ AST 2PIN Pluggable Design
With 784-core silver-plated cable to instantly improve the sound quality of the earphones
*Need to purchase an adapted upgrade cable separately.
784-core silver cable for KZ AST
Become a Bluetooth earphone with Bluetooth cable in seconds
*Need to purchase an adapted upgrade cable separately.
Bluetooth upgrage for KZ AST

With silver-plated earphone cable

Four strands of 200-core professional silver-plated earphone cable, retaining the sound of subtle changes. This is the symbol of every audiophile.
KZ AST Silver-plated earphone cable

Three colors meet the needs of the appearance

According to a survey of mainstream colors in the earphone market, the three color schemes are sophisticated in-depth to meet the needs of different groups of people.
KZ AST Black
KZ AST Green
KZ AST Silver

Product parameters

Line Length:
Plug Type:
Pin Type:
Unit type:
50024s High-frequency matrix BA,
30019s high-frequency BA,
29689s medium frequency BA,
22955s low-frequency BA,
30095s high-frequency BA,
30017s medium and high frequency BA combination
*Due to the measurement environment and temperature and other factors, the product parameters have slight tolerance, which is normal.
KZ AST on the fabric
KZ AST on the piano
KZ is one of the earliest brands to transform from manual assembly of high-order Hi-Fi earphones to professional equipment automation and mass production. Compared with traditional Hi-Fi brands that remain in the previous era, KZ's products have higher advantages in the price of products with the same configuration. They are more outstanding in product quality and material technology.
KZ AST production
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KZ AST hand-drawn imageKZ AST earphone hand-draw image