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Hybrid Technology
Quad-layer Voice Coil DD
+ 8BA Hybrid Earphones
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Pinnacle Benchmark of Hybrid Earphones
  • 4-level tuning switch
  • 16 tuning styles
  • 8 customized balanced armature driver
  • Dynamic driver with quad-layer voice coil
  • 3D printed acoustics cavity
  • Personalized design aesthetics
KZ ZAT Schema
Superlinear Low-Frequency Dynamic Driver
30019 *2
Mid to High-Frequency Balanced Armature Array
31736 *4
Ultra High-Frequency Balanced Armature Array
29689 *2
Mid-Frequency Balanced Armature Array

High-Frequency + Ultra High-Frequency Balanced Armature Array for Unrivaled Sound Detail

KZ ZAT is equipped with brand-new, custom-designed balanced armature drivers, far surpassing the performance of ordinary balanced armature drivers. The second optimization of the 29689 driver further reduces distortion rates, with a 3kHz peak shifting to the right, resulting in a new mid to high-frequency performance level. The third optimization and upgrade of the 30095 ultra high-frequency balanced armature greatly enhance sensitivity response in the ultra high-frequency range, delivering even richer sound details. The powerful super high-frequency array module can output robust sound resolution, providing a much broader soundstage than regular multi-driver earphones.
Balanced Armature Array

Truly Super Linear Dynamic Driver

With the support of a four-layer coil, the performance of a single driver surpasses that of other ordinary stacked dual-driver setups. The drop in performance between 20Hz and 100Hz is less than 3dB, ensuring excellent low-frequency depth. The drop between 20Hz and 200Hz is close to 8dB, making the low-frequency response clear, elastic, and incredibly impactful.
Truly Super Linear Dynamic Driver

Let the Performance Speak!

Breaking the Pricing Mystery - High Price ≠ High Sound Quality
We aim to make music and technological innovation accessible to everyone, proving that high-quality audio doesn't have to come with a high price tag.

Traditional tuning techniques can only control the overall frequency range, often leading to imbalances between the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. KZ's new patented electronic tuning technology breaks away from tradition by allowing precise control over the entire frequency spectrum.Through this precise electronic tuning technology, we have minimized the drop in sensitivity between 20-100Hz to approximately 3dB. This ensures deep and well-controlled sub-bass frequencies. Simultaneously, we've maintained a sensitivity drop of about 7dB between 20-200Hz, providing the low frequencies with the right amount of punch. Ultimately, this results in an exceptional audio quality that delivers outstanding sound reproduction.
KZ ZAT Frequency response
* KZ Acoustics Laboratory measures the above data. Actual use may be slightly different depending on the specific situation.
Basic curve
Switch 1 On
Bass increased by 1dB
Switch 1&2 On
Bass increased by 2dB
Switch 3 On
Mid and high frequency increased by 1dB
Switch 3&4 On
Mid and high frequency increased by 2dB

Built-in Professional Electronic Filter Supports Customized Sound Tuning

To meet the diverse listening preferences of users, KZ ZAT incorporates professional tuners internally, supporting custom adjustments across the entire frequency spectrum, including low, mid, and high frequencies.
KZ ZAT 4-level tuning switch
Turn on Switch 1
Low frequency up to 1 level
Turn on Switch 1+2
Low frequency up to 2 level
Turn on Switch 3
Mid-high frequency up to 1 level
Turn on Switch 3+4
Mid-high frequency up to 2 level
Note: The above is only an introduction to the functions of the switches. You can set different switch combinations according to your personal preferences.

Difference Between Traditional Damping Net and Electronic Filter for Tuning

Traditional damping nets adjust the sound by changing the density of the damping net inside the sound tube's diameter. You need to replace different damping nets to achieve different sounds, which cannot provide precise control over tuning. In contrast, an Electronic filter is a frequency-selective device that filters waves, allowing for precise tuning of specific frequency ranges.
Electronic filter tuning
Electronic filter tuning
A switch with an electronic filter can achieve multiple tuning options.
Can tune across the entire frequency range.
Precisely tune specific frequencies in the low, mid, high, and ultra-high ranges.
Traditional damping net tuning
Traditional damping net tuning
Requires changing different damping nets for different tunings.
You can only adjust mid to high frequencies, not low frequencies.
Cannot make specific adjustments for a particular frequency range.

Rigorous and precise acoustic duct design

Allows each unit to perform at its best
KZ ZAT has a precise three-way crossover and multi-channel acoustic design. Smooth and natural three-way crossover provides a more professional listening experience.
KZ ZAT Internal design

High-precision 3D Printed Resin Housing

We utilize high-precision resin 3D printing technology to construct the three independent acoustic channels of KZ ZAT, achieving intricate internal structures that are challenging to realize with conventional molding processes.
KZ ZAT 3D Printed Resin Housing

Continuing the classic design

Through multiple intricate processes such as polishing and finishing, it showcases a unique metallic texture and offers a smoother and more refined tactile experience.
KZ ZAT Close view

KZ ZAT comes with high-purity silver-plated cable

KZ ZAT includes audiophile-grade silver-plated flat cable, which can help reduce signal loss during transmission, ensuring high-fidelity audio delivery. The cable's skin-friendly, elastic outer coating also can resist tangling and stretching.
Silver-plated cable

Product Information

Product model
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Cable type
Silver-plated cable
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KZ ZAT on white background
KZ ZAT with Mic
KZ ZAT with Mic on white background
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