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Hybrid Technology Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
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Hybrid True Wireless Stereo Earphone
An ergonomically designed professional wireless earphone
KZ SKS Hybrid True Wireless Stereo EarphoneKZ SKS Hybrid True Wireless Stereo Earphone
Hybrid driver
HD sound quality
10 mm Dynamic Driver & 30019 Balanced Armature
Bluetooth 5.2
Stable Connection
Improve RF performance, transmit faster and farther
Physical noise reduction
Effectively reduce noise interference
High-Performance Mode
Enjoy almost zero delay games & video experience
Long working time
Charging case could support 8 times fully charging for earbuds
Simple Intelligent Operation
Automatic seconds connection, Inductive touch
Customized small fuselage
Amazing shape, ergonomic, and comfortable to wear
One or two ears mode seamless shift
You can use the right and left earphones independently
KZ SKS with charger bin

HD resolution sound quality
Hybrid driver power

The built-in 10 mm polymer composite diaphragm brings a wide stereo field of 30019 balanced armature to supplement high-frequency ductility.
AAC high definition audio coding analysis is outstanding. Electronic frequency division accurate adjustment listening sense delicate and warm. Three frequency equalization.
KZ SKS inside
HD audio decoding protocol
PCB integrated electronic frequency division
10mm broad frequency dynamic driver
30019 extended balanced armature

Lightness and fashion shape
Customized compact fuselage

KZ SKS in a girl's ear
Single earphone 5.2g, Light and compact
Stable and comfortable to wear

Noise reduction, enjoy music quietly
Effectively reduce noise interference

The KZ SKS cavity designed according to the shape of the inner auricle fits the ear canal completely, effectively isolating part of the external noise, thus achieving the effect of passive noise reduction. Wear KZ SKS and adjust to comfort. About 22% volume is enough to enjoy music clearly.
KZ SKS in an ear schematic

The new generation of QCC3040
Bluetooth 5.2 chip

KZ SKS supports Qualcomm aptX audio decoding technology.
Dual-channel transmission 2.0 and complete link optimization of the system, latency is significantly reduced.
KZ SKS has less power consumption. Seamless connection between the left and right ears is significantly improving connection stability.
KZ SKS Bluetooth 5.2 chip
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.0

Simple Intelligent Operation
Automatic seconds connection

Easy two-step connection:
1. Take out the Bluetooth earbuds.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, then click SK1. After the first use, each time you take the Bluetooth connection to the phone.
KZ SKS with open charger bin
Play / Pause
Click the touch key.
Answer/ Hang up a call
Click the touch key.
Previous / Next song
Double-click the left / right touch key.
Reject call
Long press touch key.
Start Siri
Long press the touch key for 2 seconds.
Start high-performance mode
Click three times the touch key.
KZ SKS one in one out charger bin

Charging case could support 8 times fully charging for earbuds

The KZ SKS earphone is automatically powered off and charged after it is put in.

High-performance mode
without sensing delay
Enjoy games and movies at will

Three-click touch key to start high-performance mode.
In high-performance mode, the sensorless delay is as low as the millisecond level. Playing games are smoother.
KZ SKS with phone

One or two ears mode seamless shift
The right and left earphones can be used independently

Optimize the interconnection mode between the left and right earphones without distinguishing the main and auxiliary units, and both the left and right earphones can be used independently.
In single ear mode, take out and put on another earphone to restore binaural mode automatically without additional operation.
KZ SKS in hand

Product specifications

KZ SKS size
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 5.2
Earphone Size
Earphone weight
Charging Bin Size
Charging Bin weight
Charging Bin power
Unit type
10mm dual magnetic dynamic x1
Customized 30019 balanced armature x1
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